Wilco & Sleater Kinney - Red Rocks - Denver Concert Photos

Wilco & Sleater-Kinney at Red Rocks

It’s always fun to watch an artist’s expression as they walk out on the Red Rocks’ stage, no matter how long they have been in the business. That huge bowl opens up and – especially this year – bands are so happy to see fans explode into cheers. The Wilco & Sleater-Kinney tour is called “It’s Time!” and that’s how I felt seeing them.

Sleater-Kinney is a post-punk band made up of Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein, and it amused me listening to people talk on the way in that they only knew Carrie through Portlandia, wondering if the band was a comedy act. Um, riiiiiggghhhtttt. When they both started rocking the fuck out, complete with hair flips and air kicks, I allowed myself a smug little smile.

Wilco, by their nature, is a bit more mellow, but it was almost like they wanted to keep up and the first few songs were pretty damn rockin’ too. In fact, I will admit that was the first time I have seen a keyboardist use a pillow to play their instrument. Is this a thing Wilco does on the regular? Because that was insane.

But all the guys in Wilco are excellent musicians, and as they settled in for a lovely night under the Rocks – I again remembered how lucky we are to be out seeing live music.

Jeff Tweedy returns to Colorado for the Bluebird Music Fest in September and all of Wilco (hopefully) continues to tour through October, so catch them while you can.

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Sleater-Kinney – Photos From Red Rocks

Wilco – Photos From Red Rocks

Wilco – Setlist From Red Rocks 8/10/21

  • A Shot in the Arm
  • Random Name Generator
  • Side With the Seeds
  • One and a Half Stars
  • I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
  • Art of Almost
  • If I Ever Was a Child
  • Impossible Germany
  • Love Is Everywhere (Beware)
  • Box Full of Letters
  • Everyone Hides
  • Dawned on Me
  • Jesus, Etc.
  • Theologians
  • I’m the Man Who Loves You
  • What Light
  • Heavy Metal Drummer
  • I’m Always in Love
  • Outtasite (Outta Mind)
  • Ashes of American Flags
  • California Star
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