2022 Olympics, here we come!

Bryan and Declan had a blast skiing today. They went to Winter Park… and, as Declan told me the minute he was out of the car, they rode the Galoping Goose up and down “this many times” – and showed me 10 fingers (Bryan informs me it was more like 4). Bryan took Declan down the hill between his legs and Declan was so excited that he was even trying to jump up and down and do some freestyle maneuvers as they came down. Of course, that means, that Bryan was basically in a squatted, curled over position all day (he has just loaded up on Advil).

Lily is a pro and skied in just a harness that Cap’n held from behind. Of course, her first time on skis was when she was 18 months old… so the girl got skillz.

I didn’t want to ask Bryan to bring the camera since I knew he would have his hands full teaching Declan to slide down a hill on 2 sticks, but apparently Cap’n brought his camera. So his new nickname is MY HERO. I will add some pics to this post when he sends them to me.

In the meantime, Bryan has been a smiling fool all evening.

Update from Sunday night: Here is the photo that has ME smiling all evening…

© 2006 Cap’n

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