A plea about the Blogger’s Choice Awards

And not for myself.

Right now, a tragedy is in the making. Cute Overload is winning the Best Photography Blog category. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE CUTE OVERLOAD. Love love LOVE. Meg is hilarious and should win several other categories. But a site that scours the net for random photos of cute and fuzzy animals should not even be in the running for a “Best of Photography” site, much less win. (Yes, I know – so says another blogger who should also not be in the running).

And yes, I know, I know… if that’s the way the votes come in, I should accept it – just like I am supposed to accept hanging chads, Katherine Harris and the Supreme Court deciding who the president is.

But there is nothing wrong with me pointing out what a FANTASTIC photographer the lady in the #2 spot is, right?


And nothing wrong with me accidentally posting the link for the Best Photography Blog (below), just so you could, you know, um, take a stroll over there and see what you thought. And if your mouse were to happen to slip and click and vote for Jessica (below), well, you know… that’s just God’s will.


Uh. Oh. oops. Did I post that link outloud?

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  1. monstergirlee

    ok, I voted for the right one. And posted a comment that perhaps cute fuzzy animals captured from other sites should not count as photography. yes, I did post that outloud.

  2. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Well, and it’s lots of people submitting them directly to her, as well. Just not *her* photography.

  3. Anonymous

    good point!

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