A Teaching Moment

Lately Declan has been asking what words mean left and right. Every time I say a long word, he interrupts me and asks me for a definition. So, this morning we have been pulling out all the Christmas decorations and Bryan and I were standing in front, mapping out our new plan for the house this year. Declan was having a blast drawing on all the boxes of decorations. I wanted to warn him we would be leaving for Target soon, and the following conversation ensued. Serves me right for trying to beat him to the big-word-definition.

Aimee: “Declan, Daddy and I are going to evaluate what other decorations we need… (pause)… do you know what ‘evaluate’ means?”

Declan: “Yes, it means that you and Daddy are going to do something and I am not allowed to help.”

Aimee: “I am so running inside to write on my blog right now.”

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