Am. So. Tired.

I did my New Years Resolution Portrait Weekend Assignment today. Which entailing taking photos of Rob (from work)’s family for 5 hours, totalling 11 people plus all the possible familial combinations. It was their gift to his parents, who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this month. They even all dressed up in matching outfits, which Rob swore they would never do after the psychological damage that caused in their youth. And I only blew the circuit breaker at the office once.

Here is my favorite shot of the stars of the day. Aren’t they the cutest little lovebirds ever?

(Click the photo to see the large version)

So. Who is next in line for New Years Resolution Portrait Weekend?

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  1. MPPs Mom

    will you do ours? maybe your next trip this way???

  2. greeblemonkey

    Absolutely! I won’t have my big fancy light kit, but we can improvise! 🙂

  3. Sherri -- & Henri

    I sure wish you were closer to take some of Henri and I. your portfolio needs at least one set of photos of a single mom and son. in fact, this is lacking in our lives since I don’t yet have a tripod to get enough pictures of us together.

  4. mamalicious

    i would love, love, love for you to do some springtime photos of my rock star child. i’ll come to you – whatever we can do! don’t make offers unless you’re serious, girl! 🙂

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