And now for something a little more F-U-N!

Have I ever mentioned that I am a Harry Potter fan?

Danielle is too and we both scheduled to take today off months ago for the opening of Order of the Phoenix. Then of course the greedy bastards that they are, Warner Bros, moved the movie opening up to Wednesday so they would have bigger opening weekend numbers, so today isn’t actually opening day anymore… but when you are a hospital pharmacist like Danielle, scooting days off around ain’t so easy. And it’s Friday! What better day to go see a movie with the girls, right?

Danielle (and Teri and Sharon) are the ones who got me hooked on the books too. And as I was telling a coworker yesterday, one of the things I think is most cool about the books is how the books grow with Harry. How the writing style evolves with him, how the plot and characters get more complex and how J.K. Rowling realized that those 13 year old boys who started reading Chamber of Secrets (or, err, 30-something mommies, whatever) will grow as she wrote each edition of the series.

I can’t wait for next week too. July 21, 2007 – The Deathly Hallows. Luckily Amazon is delivering them on release day so I don’t have to dress up like a freak and head down the Barnes and Noble at midnight.

So. Other Potterites… how do you think the series will end up?

And those who have seen the movie, what did you think?

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  1. Tree

    I cannot wait to see it! My niece (or whatever she is – dh’s cousin’s daughter) and her friend watched all the movies last night and are going to see Phoenix tonight – on Friday the 13th!!

    Looking forward to a review.

  2. Sarah

    Have a blast! I want to see it too!

  3. Sharon

    I’m going to see at today too! Can’t freakin wait! In 90 minutes I’ll be in the theater!

  4. Mrs. Wheezer

    My money’s on Hagrid and Dobie the house elf buying it during DH. Wish I was going to get to see the movie…

  5. Meghann

    I can’t wait to see the movie, although have no idea when that will be. I am an absolute HP freak as well.

    The last book? I dunno. JK said “at least” two people will die, so I’m guessing it will be one of the three, maybe one of the Weasleys, and someone else.

    Guess we’ll see!

  6. sue

    I’ve just not gotten “into” HP. I figure when they are all done then I’ll start by reading the books… and see the movies. I have heard mixed reviews on the move, tho’. Hope you enjoy it! Sounds like a fun Friday the 13th afternoon. 🙂

  7. Doodaddy

    There’s no *way* you’re as big a fan as me, no *way*. I once beat an 11-year old boy in an HP trivia contest. Just try me!

    Anyway… I think HWMNBN finally gets it, Neville dies in a blaze of glory, Snape turns out to be on our side after all, and at least one of the cool adults dies, too. Lupin? Tonks? Charlie?

    We don’t see the movie until Sunday morning, when BIL and SIL babysit for the first time ever… yike.

    Have fun!

  8. joansy

    How was it? I can’t wait for your report!

  9. Ambassador

    I was lucky enough to get invited to a FREE preview screening of the movie at a local neighborhood theatre – and it was super fabulously incredible!! I don’t always agree with what is left out or changed in order to make the movies flow and stay under 9 hours each, but this one is extraordinary.

    I am a Potterite from way back – I even portrayed a Snape-like character for the Louisiana Children’s Museum’s HP Birthday Party (they couldn’t – in good conscience – celebrate Halloween w/out alienating the public?) and absorbed so much of the first three books, that I hosted a game called “Stump Snape” where the kids could ask me anything about any of those books – small trinkets for the 3 that actually stumped me in the course of 3 hours!

    What a geek am I? Enjoy the movie…I think Hagrid is killed off and that Snape ultimately sacrifices himself in order for Harry to finish off Moldy Voldy. Oh and Dumbledore is not really dead after all…The killing curse doesn’t lift you off the ground like that, Stunning spells do and Snape is the master of nonverbal spell, blah blah blah…geeking out again.

  10. Karen

    Saw the film last night and it was good but so much of the book was missed out. I loved the way Hermione called Ron ‘Ronald’, so it’s subtly being pulled along, the chemistry between them. The fight at the MoM was fantastic. How will it all end? I think the Vernons will get more involved, Dumbledore ordered Snape to kill him as Voldermort needs to fight Harry alone. Harry marries Ginny, goes on to great things, Ron and Hermione get spliced too and she employs Dobby and pays him to do her ironing.

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