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I had a very, very, very vivid dream/nightmare about a month ago. Nightmares are significantly different than the Night Terrors that plagued me for 10 years before I got on the Crazy Meds that ended them 6 months ago. You all have experience with nightmares: scary, disturbing, and you can even come away with an icky feeling that stays with you throughout the day. Well, as I have talked about before, Night Terrors are about 10 times worse on the Freddy Kruger scale, you don’t remember them, you don’t know what is going on, and most times you end up screaming your head off, or swinging around helplessly (and beating the crap out of your bed partner). So, yay! – I continue to be Night-Terror-Free, thanks to the Crazy Meds, but the dream I had about a month ago was incredibly significant in content and tone. And since then, I have had about a half a dozen mini-versions of that same dream – at least in tone and tenor.

I had my first therapy session last night since having that dream (I only see here about once every two month these days)… and while I hate to sound all psychobabbly, we had a huge session. Maybe even a “breakthrough session,” if you will.

I am not ready to talk about the contents of that dream. It’s still deep and festering a bit. But my therapist is optimistic that the dream is giving me some answers to childhood questions that have been buried deep. Or at least that I am finally working through it and possibly putting it to rest, because even though I am having nightmares about it, I am approaching it in a very healthy way.

In my dreams at least.

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  1. MPPs Mom

    HUGS, it sounds scary but yet so promising too. I know how great it would be for you to be able to put it all behind you.

  2. Tree

    (((((((HUGS)))))) to you, my friend.

  3. tmrperry


  4. nutmeg

    Gimme some of that Crazy Medicine!

  5. joansy

    Boy I hope this gives you some answers. Hang in there sweetie.

  6. Anonymous

    Hope everything works out for you.

  7. samantha Jo Campen

    Congrats. Hope you work through it and stomp on those nightmares. Kick ’em where it hurts!

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