Becoming Type A-

I have always been The Planner. The Thinker. The Worrier. The Organizer. The Scheduler.

But ever since taking my meds for the night terrors (which have been non-existent since January, thank-you-very-much), things have been slipping. In mostly a good way.

It is SUCH a frickin’ relief to think about something I would have normally obsessed over, and go, “Eh. Well. Whatever.” When starting these types of drugs, some people complain that they lose themselves. I haven’t felt that. They have just taken the edge off. A more calm version of me. In addition to the more sleeping version of me.


Today I completely blew off a doctor’s appointment. A checkup with the PychRN who bestowed these gifts of medicational marvel upon me, no less. What the bloody hell???

I. don’t. miss. appointments.

So I left her a message apologizing profusely and told her it was all her fault because the meds must be working a wee bit too well.

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  1. joansy

    I can so picture the feeling you must have been having. I’m so glad the drugs are working.

  2. g-man

    I wish I had happy pills. Glad yours are working. 🙂

  3. Tree

    I want to know what the PsychRN thought! That is a good testimonial to the drug’s efficacy.

  4. Builder Mama

    Irony at its finest. So glad the meds are working, though!

  5. Anonymous

    That is hilarious!

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Thanks all. I just talked to her. We rescheduled for Wednesday. And I said “OK, so that’s the day after tomorrow at 4:30 right?” and she was like… “noooooo. That is tomoooorrrrooowww at 4:30.”

    She must think I am the biggest idiot ever.

    Oh well. As long as she writes my new scripts, who cares, right?

  7. Her Bad Mother

    Type A MINUS! Laughing. Out. LOUD. Love it. Will steal it.

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