Best boss EVER! No LESSONS!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times… that Steve Buscemi line from The Wedding Singer is worthy of an Oscar.

Know why I am the best boss EVER today? Because we are cutting out early and I am taking my crew to see the Transformers movie this afternoon, that’s why! Do I give a rat’s ass about Transformers? Hell no! But when you have all males on your crew, you make some sacrifices, man.

I would actually rather be seeing the rat’s ass, as in Ratatouille, but maybe I will save that for a family thing. Can I save it for a family thing? Pppssst… Hey, parents out there, will my very sensitive near 5-year old handle Disney this time around? Keeping in mind that the only one thus far that we can watch with any regularity is Cars and we still skip the tractor-tipping scene.

But back to being the coolest boss ever. The boys were drooling over the latest WIRED with all the robots and special effects from Transformers on the cover and I remembered, HEY! I have all guys working for me. They probably want to see the guns, explosions and special effects that *is* any Michael Bay movie, but especially the Michael Bay Transformers movie.

And before you feminists yell at me for having all males in my employ, remember this: when females apply for programming jobs, maybe females will get programming jobs.

So, off we will go. Just me and eight men. To watch shit get blown up.

(OK, OK, I’ll admit it. Secretly I can’t wait either.)

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  1. Sarah

    ha ha! that rocks! you go girl.

  2. Oh, The Joys

    I have the FEED, people!

  3. joansy

    re: the Rat – there’s a scene in the beginning where an old woman tries to kill the rats with a shotgun and then tries to exterminate them. My 8/10 on a sensitivity scale kids were bothered by, but didn’t freak – although we repeatedly told them that it was just pretend and the rats would be ok. Later in the movie the main rat gets locked in a cage for a little bit, but it’s not too bad. As for the rest of the movie, the animation was great, but at 1 hour 50 minutes, my kids were bored for the last 1/2 hour and repeatedly asked to leave. I enjoyed it, but the kids would have been just as happy to wait for video.

    Have a great time at the movie. I anxiously await your review.

  4. Sizzle

    love the wedding singer. love buscemi!

    you’re a good boss. . . i work with almost all women (when men apply for non-profit jobs, they will GET non-profit jobs). we’re like in opposite universes. 😉

  5. James

    When the large robots fight, everyone will be all wow-ed at the effects. I will have a tear in my eye, because robot fight scenes bring back so many childhood memories.

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Bryan just walked by with a Transformer face taped to a box over his head. It’s definitely getting weird around here.

    And welcome Nat!

  7. rachel s

    🙂 The Rat movie is safe. Owen is on exactly the same page as Dex (down to the skipping of the tractor scene and all). In a very un-Disney-like manner (maybe it’s the Pixar influence) NO MOMS BIT THE DUST in the Rat movie. Sure, there was a separation-from-family scene which elicited a “I don-like-dis-pawt” from Owen, but it passed and the rest was great. I, personally, thought it was a bit long, but Owie dug it.

  8. Sue at nobaddays

    Yes, the feed. Love having the feed, finally!

  9. Nadine

    I wish my boss was a little bit more like you!

  10. merrymishaps

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all our developers vanish, too.

    There’s usually an unofficial holiday from the R&D group whenever a Star Wars movie comes out!

    At my office we outgrew our space, so all of the tech folks (and some of client services) temporarily moved over to another building.

    Out of the ~50 of us over here, there are only seven women … I’m the only developer. Two are in QA, two are trainers, and two are client services reps!

  11. Nat

    You are a cool boss. Definitely would work for you, if I could program. Which I can’t. (Hi, I’m Nat. I think I got here from Hilly’s site.)

  12. joansy

    so? how was it?

  13. Builder Mama

    Oooh, we’re going to Transformers this weekend too. The boys are strictly going for the Transformers, while I will be secretly drooling over Josh Duhamel the whole time. Is that wrong?

    As for Ratatouille, Monkey Man liked it a lot. Monsters Inc. scares the shit out of him and he didn’t flinch at Rat, but I agree that sensitive kids might have issues with some of the chase sequences.

  14. Em

    Just another little note on Ratatouille…If the little man is at all freaked about rats (like me)they kept showing profiles of the rats in the shadows with glowing ‘scary’ eyes. Very creepy.

    Otherwise, very good movie

  15. aimee / greeblemonkey

    we liked it! Very typical Michael Bay blow em up and be overly tan movie but the effect were amazing. Exactly what I expected – as in no plot but lots of effects and guns.

  16. mitchgib

    Hi ! Love Your blog !
    I have a now 17yr old son who could not stomach the emotion and action in most kids movies. Do not feel bad about not taking him. I would buy him the “book version” at the checkout so he thought he knew what he was talking about with the other 5yr olds in K-garten !


  17. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Hi, welcome Mitchgib!!! 🙂

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