This week, my friend Amy’s business partner had a car accident. Which sucks. But is especially scary since she is 6 months pregnant. She is fine, but is now on modified bed rest. Send her good thoughts.

But what was freaky for me, upon seeing Amy’s tweet about the incident, was how quickly MY experience whooshed over me. Something very similar. I’ll describe it as the gigantic funny crazy clusterfuck that it was, because in the end we were fine too.

Let’s see, I was 4.5 months pregnant, summer of 2002. I was driving east on 6th Avenue Freeway, minding my business, when – basically – a bumper came flying out of nowhere. OUT. OF. NOWHERE. Literally 4 cars in front of me smashed into each other like accordions all crushed and compressed. Because, let’s not forget, other than I-70, this is the ONLY main east-west artery in Denver. And if you look at the link above, I was just about to hit the I-25 intersection, which is the ONLY north-south highway. ONLY. Translation? A fuck-load of traffic.

I managed to stop my car within INCHES of the car ahead of me. My hands went round my swollen belly and I crouched forward as cars blurred all around me. Then BAMMMM! A Jeep trying avoid a Semi who was coming around the pileup on the shoulder swerved and slammed into my right side.

The whole car moved left as I slammed into the window.

Then silence.

The entire freeway, it just stopped.

My hand shook as I immediately grabbed my cell phone and called 911. Then Bryan. He was close, he was coming.

One of the vehicles in the blur had stopped. It was a delivery truck from American Family Furniture. He was running from vehicle to vehicle and tapping on windows, checking on people. One awesome thing I can say about that dickhead Jake Jabs, he employs good people.

He got to me. I cracked my window and whispered, “I’m pregnant.”

He told me he was an EMT and asked if he would check me out. I felt fine. I really did. But I let him check me. He said the police and others were on their way. He agreed with me. I felt fine. But I wasn’t allowed to move. Not one inch.

Then the sirens came. All around. All because some asshole had duct-taped his bumper to his car. We knew this because they found it about 5 cars behind me. We won’t talk about the time in college I tied my bumper on with a rope because the manly men in my life made sure it was totally SECURE and it certainly never fell off on a major highway and caused a massive pileup.

The paramedics got to me, checked me out, thought I was good too. But wanted me to come to the hospital – just in case.

By this time, Bryan had arrived. How did he get there, you may ask? By driving up a side street and CLIMBING DOWN THE EMBANKMENT ONTO THE HIGHWAY. Don’t ever think my hubby don’t love me to pieces, kay? Cause he proved it that day.

And off I went. To the hospital in a roaring ambulance. Trying to remain calm. Leaving Bryan behind with the mess of cars piled up on the highway, mess of police to talk to and mess of traffic lined up all the way back out to Golden.

As for bumper guy? He could have totally gotten away clean. But he loved that damn bumper so much he came back for it. OH YES HE DID. Right in the middle of all those mangled cars and ambulances and tow trucks and police cars, he tried to retrieve his stupid duct-taped bumper. One of the witness looked over and said to the police officer, “Hey! That’s HIM!”

The most beautiful two words in the whole world? Instant Karma.

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  1. Meghann

    Wow, totally scary. Glad you and Declan were ok!

    As for Bryan, he’s a keeper, that’s for sure.

  2. Sizzle

    Woah! Totally scary! Glad you made it out okay (and your friend’s business partner in her situation too).

    The one time I was in a car wreck everything moved in slow motion. My car spun around and I felt like I was no the tea cups at Disneyland except it was NOT FUN.

    Though, I don’t even like the tea cup ride.

  3. Mr Lady

    As if that intersection at 6th and 25 hasn’t ALWAYS scared the crap out of me, now I’m forever going to puke with fear every time I see it. I’m so glad, and you’re so lucky, that everything was okay. That’s a really scary story, dude.

  4. Anonymous

    holy shit!!!

  5. mothergoosemouse

    So scary, but told so well.

    And how awesome that the culprit outed himself.

  6. zipper

    wowzers. glad you both are OK. and that asshole got caught!

  7. monstergirlee

    Wow, so scary even without being pregnant. What a great ending to get the guy and his beloved bumper.

    Prayers for Amy and baby.

  8. monstergirlee

    D’oh – remembered wrong, Amy’s partner and baby.

  9. Ashlie- Mommycosm

    Wow. What a scary experience that must of been!

  10. Creative Captures Photography

    Scary indeed…
    “Thank god” it hit the passenger side, instead of the driver’s side. And I agree, your hubby is def. a keeper! =)

  11. Vanessa

    so glad you were ok.
    took me back to a similar pregnant crash incident i had myself- the outcome was also good (phew!) but the sheer terror of the experience replayed in my mind for months afterwards. the car turned over twice and we ended up in a field upside down. it was a write-off but the seatbelts saved us!

  12. Nat

    God that is scary. Glad you (and the little one were ok.)

  13. Grey Street Girl

    Wow, it’s amazing how one person’s little action can snowball. I’m glad you and your friend are okay, although I’m sure bed rest is no fun.

    I had a similar experience where I was rear-ended by a woman who was pregnant. She was on her cell phone and just didn’t see the traffic starting to slow. I felt awful though. I was so scared for her, but she was fine in the end.

    Life can be so fragile….

  14. kristin

    wow how incredibly scary. so glad you were and your friend is ok. gives me goosebumps though being a momma. it can happen in a flash!

  15. Busymomma66

    Very scary–very happy it all worked out ok, and glad that it’s all ok for your friend.

  16. Autumn

    Holy shit! I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me but when I read “My hands went round my swollen belly and I crouched forward” tears welled up in my eyes, and I even knew it ended well! I’m glad the dumb ass was caught, karma indeed.

  17. Amy @ Milk Breath and Margaritas

    Wow – I’m so glad you were OK.

    He came BACK? For his bumper?!? Hard to believe…

  18. Shelly

    I have a similar story, except I was on my bike and 6 months preggo. Just goes to show that you don’t have to be in a car. I got home and there was bruising on my abdomen and a little blood. I moaned for hubby who talked to the nurse and translated my sobbing answers to her questions. We went in and everything was fine, except no more bike riding for me while preggo!
    Good thoughts going out to Amy’s partner. And, your boy is more than ok-he’s perfect!

  19. Giyen

    what a great story about love … a man’s love for his wife. a man’s love for his bumper.

    makes me feel all warm inside. :-p

  20. MB

    Yes, it’s such a stupid “intersection.” It’s a wonder people aren’t killed there every day. Makes me tear up thinking of Bryan climbing up that embankment. I’m not at all surprised he did that, though…

  21. Nadine

    Wow, what a scary story! I’m glad you were OK!

  22. Ashleigh

    YAY for Brian for stepping up like a real man. Not surprised either.

    Bumper guy? What an asshat!

    Glad you were ok.

  23. Rhiannon

    He came back for his bumper. Awesome.

  24. Builder Mama

    So how many people got out of their cars and beat the crap out of Bumper Guy? Just asking.

    That part about Bryan climbing down the embankment gave me chills. He rocks. I’m so glad everything turned out okay!

  25. fruitlady

    Accidents are so scary. Jenny has been rear-ended twice in the last 2 months. She is fine. Her SUV with a giant tow hitch is saving her every time. Thanks for sending good thoughts her way. She is first time mama with lots of that first time anxiety!

    Sorry to hear about your horrific experience. Bryan gets mad mad mad props for that action!

  26. Anonymous

    whoah. crazy story. my sister had something similar and was luckily OK too. those babies are stronger than we think!

  27. Leeanthro

    How scary. I hope your friend is okay.

    There were accidents in front of my office all the time. At least once a month until they put in a 4 way stop.

    We would hear the screech and crash and look out the window.

    I don’t know how many times we have called 911.

    The scary time was when I looked out and our friend had been hit. And she was pregnant.

    But they were okay luckily. She bought a really expensive car with A LOT of airbags to replace her totaled car.

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