Dark Night, Bright Morning

I’ve made no secret how cranky I have been. OK, maybe it’s been kind of a secret, mainly slipping out in my snarky American Idol review this week, but come on – they did stank.

There are many reasons for the dark mood. I am ratcheting back my crazy meds, work is crazed right now, plus a million other different reasons that I am not sure matter or not. (But clearly, the biggest reason for my crankfest is the untimely exit of hot Aussie Michael Johns from American Idol. Don’t tell me that show is not rigged!)

I had a good talk with my therapist this week, and more importantly Bryan and I sat and talked through a bunch of stuff late into the early morning hours last night.

Today looks brighter. And not just because there is a prediction of 75 degrees for later this week.

Never underestimate a good sorting of your crap with the people who care about you.

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  1. Sister Honey Bunch

    Rock on with your crap sorting. It really does make a huge difference.

  2. Sizzle

    I am glad you are feeling in better spirits. Today it’s supposed to be 70 degrees here AND I am going to hear the Dalai Lama speak. I think I will wear a Spring-like skirt and maybe even wear sunglasses!

    The sun always cheers me.

  3. Kathy

    I always feel much better when I get things off my chest…figuratively and literally. Hopefully things are looking up.

    Big fan of your blog!

  4. Nat

    Cold and rainy here. Which is making me a total cow today.

    But yes… talking things over with the man always makes it seem better and well do-able. You know?

  5. motherbumper

    Oh we need a good sorting over in these parts – right now it’s sunny, warm and p*ss pouring rain. Kinda like my life. I think I’ll take your sorting out as inspiration. Hope it all works for you.

  6. laughingatchaos

    There will be crap sorting of the emotional and material things sort this week as the temps rise this week. I can’t wait til it finally gets warm. Not soon enough.

  7. Alpha DogMa

    A quick google search tells me 75 degrees Fahrenheit is 23 in Celsius — I’m jealous! We just bought some biking gear which pretty much guarantees it will snow again tomorrow. And I want to start biking RIGHT NOW!

    I was thinking of you this week while I watched Idol Gives Back — the first time I ever tried watching a full episode of Idol. Yes, I’m that big a geek! Where was Hugh Laurie? His band was on, but he wasn’t? And I had to watch Teri Hatcher. Pfft! And there wasn’t even a reanimated dead Elvis to keep me amused.

  8. Alpha DogMa

    Aimee, when I click on the “Post a Comment On: Greeblemonkey” link at the top of this page, it tries to send me to your old blogspot account but then says that page doesn’t exist. I thought you might want to know so you could go tweak your hypertextwhatsit code. Yeah, tweak…that’s a technical terms. For sure.

  9. Ali

    oh, i know. michael johns. boo.

  10. Tree

    Happy to hear there was some crap sorting!

  11. carrie

    Yes, you are right. It’s like spring cleaning, for the soul.

    Enjoy the sunshine! 🙂

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