Decision ’07

OK, OK… I am going to pull the trigger, stop the mental masturbation and go with Greeblemonkey. I owe you bigtime, Irish. And I owe Bryan bigtime for letting me have the URL. Thanks, honey. Although I know your main purpose is to get me to SHUT THE HELL up on this subject, once and for all.

The change will be coming in the next few days. And I promise, I will make it painless for you. Don’t worry, I have people.

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  1. mar

    now the new question, what will bryan use???
    seriously, i like greeblemonkey, and i think it’s more connected to declan anyway 😉

  2. schloobie

    LOL… he can have schloobie or aimzoo, or course! And we talked about it, and he has a bunch of over websites up his sleeve that he wants to work on anyway…

  3. g-man

    I hope it comes with an explanation definition or origin. 🙂 Sounds cute.

  4. Bryan

    I am homeless. I have no place to put my deep thoughts. *sob*

    Actually the sense of relief is pretty astounding. Freedom!!!

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