Royal & The Serpent - Concert Photos & Review - Denver, CO

Royal & The Serpent at Bluebird Denver

Royal & The Serpent is a musical gem that effortlessly weaves indie pop with alternative, creating infectious music that still rocks very, very hard. Led by the charismatic vocalist, Ryan Santiago, the band brings a refreshing energy to the stage that’s impossible to ignore. Ryan has explained that “Royal & the Serpent translates to Me + My Ego.” But, I didn’t see any ego on display at our Bluebird Theater.

At their show in Denver near the end of 2023, the venue was full of excitement as Royal & The Serpent took the stage. RATS’ voice soared through the air, hitting every note with precision and passion. The crowd danced and sang along, creating an electric atmosphere that echoed the band’s dynamic presence. I mean, read that Ryan used to be a dancer, and that must be how she has that incredible stamina.

I’m already looking forward to the next time this crew comes back to Denver. It can’t be too soon!

Royal & The Serpent – Denver Concert Photos

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