Enter The Valley Boy

Something else is new with Declan this week besides the snotty nose. A word it took me YEARS to drill out of my vocabulary.


And not “I like you.” But the extraneous use of the word. As in: “The water in the tub was, like, this deep.” And: “I saw Trudy at school this week and she was, like, so happy to see me.” Or: “Mama, didn’t you used to drive Oma, like, crazy when you talked this way?”

He has been back at his old daycare for ONE week. One.

I am going to hunt down the little 5 year old Deborah Foreman wanna-be responsible for this shit and kick her little 5 year old ass.

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  1. Tree

    Now that is hilarious.

  2. Mrs. Wheezer

    That is, like, so funny.

  3. Sarah

    Ah maw gawd. That is totally awesome.

  4. Laurie

    That makes me laugh. LOUD.

  5. tmrperry

    Mia says like a lot. Michael ends every sentence with “for real.” Either that or he asks the question, “For real?”

    Fo sho my shizzle!

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Teri, that is HILARIOUS. Fo’ real.

  7. lvtwingrins

    Oh, that is classic. It took me YEARS to get like out of my vocab too.

  8. samantha Jo Campen

    Just embrace it and go all DJ Tanner from Full House.

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