Fade To Black

Can you believe it??? I leave for BlogHer tomorrow and I only have like three trillion things to do. So, I am signing off till Monday and taking a mini-holiday from blogging. Gasp! I KNOW!

Don’t worry, I am sure I will be twittering my brain off all weekend. So be sure to check that out:


Also, I *may* be able to upload photos, so keep an eye on my Flickrstream too.


As if you didn’t have better things to do all weekend except look at my crap.

But if you DON’T have anything better to do, be sure to check out my post over at Mile High Mamas today, where I talk about the cosmic connection between Declan and John Mayer and how the two shall meet when I rush home from BlogHer on Sunday and drive straight to meet the guys at the Mile High Music Festival.

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  1. Anonymous

    Have a great trip! – M

  2. Bryan

    See you Sunday! Have fun!

  3. Anonymous

    The photos are fun, and looking forward to a recap!

  4. carrie

    Great photos Aimee! Wish I could have been there . . .

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