Feeling *Much* Better Than Last Year

You may remember the rant I spewed last year?

There is something different this year. Something in the air. Something I can feel in my bones.


Obama In Clay (Or "OBMA")

Happy birthday, America.

I mean that.

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  1. SciFi Dad

    Even though I’m not there, I hope you’re right. I hope that the speculators, those who believe Hillary Clinton stuck around (arguably) too long so that Obama would end up looking bad and therefore lose some of the momentum he had, are wrong. The U.S. needs a Democrat in the White House, not a Republican with “left leaning tendencies”.

    (And personally, I liked your rant from last year.)

  2. zenrain

    love it, love it, love it

  3. Anonymous


  4. zipper

    Happy 4th (or 5th).

  5. joansy

    You know I’m with you and I have no doubt that Obama would be a thousand times better as a president than McCain,


    I have been so disappointed with him in the last two weeks. I’m feeling like he said all the great liberal things to get the nomination and now is playing to center stage in a big bad, and I mean bad, way. I don’t want a “moderate.” I don’t want someone who is going to waffle on the war. I want the war to end and to end now. I get his change of heart over campaign finance issues, but I’m hating his positions on FISA, involvement in religion in politics, and now his less than firm position on the war. If he softens on healthcare I may just vote for Nader. Kidding, but damn I want the liberal guy of a few months ago instead of this new guy.

  6. Sarah O.


    I was thinking at lunch today that if Obama becomes President (I hope, I hope, I hope), one of the first things he needs to do in office is to change the US Senate cafeteria’s Freedom Fries back to French Fries.

  7. Megan

    Me too. Great pic.

  8. Sue at eLuckypacket

    Yay – the awesome OBMA plaque!

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