Happy New Year!

Well, it is finally 2009. And Zune meltdown notwithstanding, it went out kinda nice and quiet. If you count hanging out with a bunch of kids quiet. And I am pretty much kidding about the Zune thing, seeing as I could really give a crap except for the fact that it cracks me up and I am glad it didn’t happen to iPods. We went out to dinner with our friends and their 3 kids and all 4 kids made it to midnight and we played Rock Band and woke the adults up who fell asleep to ring in the new year watching Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest awkwardly banter with the Jonas Brothers, which is even more awkward knowing it’s technically a repeat since it technically already happened 2 hours prior on the east coast. Well, some of us know that. My friend Sarah did not. She thought all those people in Times Square were whipped into a MAJOR frenzy just for us poor schlubs in the lame-ass mountain time zone. Isn’t she the CUTEST???

And here is the part where I am supposed to put my new years resolutions. I actually like doing new years resolutions. Because we are a health education company, that builds web sites to promote healthy living… stuff like quitting smoking, being safe in the sun, eating better, exercising more, yada yada… and all that stuff is goal-oriented… I know all about setting goals. Setting attainable, measurable goals. I can DO new years resolutions and do them wicked awesome.

I just don’t feel like it this year.

So, here is my goal. To come up with some wicked awesome St. Patrick’s Day resolutions.

By then, my two most hated months of the year will be over and I will feel more, well, purposed.

Is that even a word?

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  1. Sizzle

    If purposed isn’t a word it should be. Let it be so!

  2. Megan

    Happy 2009!

  3. Chris

    Don’t care if it’s a word or not. It all sounds good to me!

  4. Anonymous

    I know, ha ha Zunes! Should have bought and iPod!

  5. Grey Street Girl

    I love the idea of doing St. Patrick’s Day resolutions!

    I didn’t even make it to my time zone’s midnight. I went to bed after the real thing happened in NY. I figure I’m close enough to the EST anyway. 🙂

  6. merrymishaps

    Happy New Year!
    I find the Zune thing funny, too, because I don’t have one!

  7. Mocha

    It IS a word! Yes!

    You are a freaking genius. No lie.

  8. Becky

    I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but I’d never thought of St. Patrick’s Day ones. Hmm. Interesting.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Lisa

    I like that! St. Pats Day!

  10. Sarah, as mentioned in story

    whatever. they could have been just party animals. could they not?

  11. zipper

    I hate New Years! Such build up for nothing!

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