He’s just jealous!

I was got good yesterday.

But before I get to that…. Remember how I have been waffling over the iPhone? Well, I have finally decided to go for it. Sure, it’s expensive. And I probably won’t be able to get one tomorrow, and will have to wait 6 months for one anyway.

But James and Chris from work have been feeding me information left and right. I am going to stop the mental masturbation and DO THIS THING.

Basically it comes down to this:

• The phone itself is expensive, but the plan is reasonable and can save you money on the data charges in the long run.
• The data network running through the cell system is sloooooooow. But they probably did it to make sure there was more coverage for it. And I really only want it to check email, so I will be OK.
• I will finally be able to flawlessly sync all my Mac shit.
• It’s freaking cool.
• The touch keyboard is a little funky but once you are used to it, it’s fine.
• I can have my music, phone and calendar all in one device.
• The phone is slippery, so I need to be careful not to drop it. Really really careful.
• The map function is awesome (although may be slow on that network) and mimics GPS. Good for people like me with zero sense of direction.
• I will be able to Blog and Twitter while I’m out and about.
• However, Bryan has sworn to divorce me if I hang out with the iPhone more than him.
• Oh, have I mentioned how freaking cool it is?

If you don’t believe me, watch this:
(Although try not to fall asleep watching the loser they used for their host. A loser with an East Coast accent no less. I wanted to put an ice pick in my eye every time he said “iPhœne”).

Even David Pogue digs it. (And he’s seriously hilarious).

OK, here’s how all the tech experts feel.

So yes. I will be one of the sheep and run out June 29th after my iPhone. I have a photo shoot that evening, but I hear the stores are staying open late.


But let’s all remember I am a Mac Evangelist from the early days. So at least I am an old sheep.

(Wait, that doesn’t sound so great.)

OK, so back to the beginning. How I was gotted.

James at work has been swearing that he is *not* getting an iPhone, even though he is a complete techhead and gets every new gadget every single time, no matter how many times he swears he won’t. (By the way, this time I think he is waiting for me to test out the iPhone for him and then we’ll have a pool for how long it takes him to get one).

So, yesterday he comes into my office and says, “Well, look. I said I wasn’t going to get one… but the guys over at AT&T hooked me up and I couldn’t resist…” and he slowly pulls out this pristinely perfect… you guessed it… iPhone box.

I sputtered. My mind raced.


But, of course. He doctored it up just to fuck with me. Little ass!

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  1. Tree

    I am not LQTM, but ROFLMAO. Truly. My group is looking at me strangely.

    That is hilarious.

    BTW, I want to come work with you and experience the hijinks.

  2. mayberry

    I forgot how much I like David Pogue. LOL. And bwahaha on James’s little joke!

  3. Mrs. Chicky

    The iPhone is lovely but I think I’ll have to wait a couple of years before I get one. ‘Cause God knows I can’t do anything that’s cool or hip. If it were up to me I’d still be playing 8-tracks.

  4. joansy


    I’m at a conference at Lake Tahoe, with no Apple or AT&T store in sight, but my adorable husband is planning to spend tomorrow afternoon waiting in line to buy me one. I think he thinks that I’ll want the second generation one next year or so and that he will get to inherit this one – either that or he’ll get sex. If the iphone is as good as I’m hoping, he may get both.

    The box is hilarious. Good for him.

  5. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Go to Twitter.com… basically even smaller bits of blogging that can be done on the web or through your cell phone. I am incorporating it into the new site design.

    And LQTM = Laughing Quietly To Myself. Teresa is very hip to all the new Net Speak.

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    And P.S. kudos to hubby for getting in line. Maybe he can buy 2???

  7. g-man

    Played you like a harp they did. What are you going to do to get them back (Besides actually get an iPhone)?

    P.s. I’d hope that you will write a review once you have had it for a while.

    Joansy- He should get sex just for standing in line despite how you feel about the phone.

  8. Alpha DogMa

    Good thing you’re not in Canada – won’t be here for months. Something about the smart card not being compatible with our cell phone providers.
    Not that it matters too lil’ old luddite me.

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