His Last Night as a Man

Or would that be Man Dog?

Whatever. Poe is getting snipped today and couldn’t have any food last night and was in rare form because he usually eats like a horse pretty much every minute of every day. In case you are wondering, he is 16 weeks old and TWENTY EIGHT POUNDS. [?%&$#@?] At this rate, he will be Clifford-size by summer. Which will be cool, cause then he can get his own TV show to pay for all that food.

Seriously though. This dog is awesome. He is doing great in puppy training classes, doing [fairly] well at potty training, and only extramurally chews on Declan’s stuffed animals but that is really Declan’s fault because he leaves them laying all over the floor.

I mean, who couldn’t love a dog that makes fart noises with his chew toys?

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  1. Andrea

    That dog is going to be a star!

  2. Meghann

    Classy ending to the video too. Lol!

  3. zipper

    that is a world class fart dog.

  4. Chicky Chicky Baby

    You’re lucky you live so far away from me because I would totally puppy-nap him. He’s so effing adorable!

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    MB, yes! He has some similar temperament to Rio, which is one of the reasons we really wanted a BMD. :)))

  6. fruitlady

    POE! I haven’t seen you in like 3 days. Miss you dude. Have fun with the snip snip…

  7. Ms. Maxwell

    What’s the difference between a man and a dog? A dog can lick his own…uh, never mind.

  8. Mamma

    Oh Daisy was just spayed two weeks ago. Those doggie downers?? Can’t they stay on them until they’re 1? I think she is more hyper now that she’s off them. Feel so bad for them when they come home. They look so sad and pathetic.

    Good luck Poe!!

  9. Ali

    Indiana got snipped last week. it was only slightly traumatizing for me…and really the biggest problem was the bloody cone. every time he tried to climb stairs the cone would hit the step and shoot him halfway across the room. he no longer likes the stairs…gREAT.

  10. Anonymous

    poor Poe!

  11. daysgoby

    I love that one slightly inquiring eye that keeps popping up to see what you’re doing…

  12. MB

    I love Clifford. Think of all you could save on gas by riding Poe instead of in your car (just like Clifford).

    And think of all the traffic you could stop when you’re trying to cross Sixth Avenue by your house just by having Poe stand in the street (just like Clifford).

    Do you see any of Rio in Poe?

  13. zandor

    That was such a good video. Also, you said how much he weighs and that totally made me think of my cat who is like 25 pounds. Whenever peopel come over to my house they are kind of amazed at his size. Anyways, that dog is adorable

  14. Anonymous

    that video almost makes me think that i could be a dog owner some day. almost. btw, he looks a lot bigger than 28lbs. my cat is 21lbs, and while that’s huge, i think he would be dwarfed next to poe. gorgeous little man!


  15. Ashleigh

    Does Poe like older women because my 4 year pooch Dixie would love to meet him.ha. ha. He is so cute!


  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Amber – he is a Bernese Mountain Dog. Will get to be between 80-120 pounds. ACCCCCCKKKK!

  17. InstantAmber

    Poor little guy. He is irresistibly cute though. What breed is he?

  18. Nadine

    The cuteness is killing me!! It ALMOST makes me want a dog ALMOST!

  19. Oz

    Your dog weighs almost 10 lbs more than my very skinny 15 month old.

    I hope he doesn’t have to wear one of those lampshades. Actually, I sort of hope he does, because usually those are hilarious…

  20. jennymoose

    awesome dog! you ahve to come meet moose next time.I have an extensive dog training library, but my favorite is “dont shoot the dog” by Karen Pryor. it s amust read.

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