How do I love thee(s)?

Declan is so freaking thoughtful, it makes my heart hurt. While working on Valentine’s cards for his class last night, he set several aside for me, “to show Mommy how much I love her.” Well, Bugaboo – I love you too. A lot. A LOT a lot.

And yesterday while shopping for those Wiggles and Koala Brothers Valentine’s cards, Bryan and I proved how compatible we are. Almost at the same time, as we passed all the men desperately trying to find the perfect card for their significant other, we said, “Oh yeah, your card is waiting for you on that rack.” We prefer to save the money from roses, cards and candy and go out for a nice dinner. Bryan has taught me over the years what it is like to be loved fully every single day, not just on a made-up, overly-marketed, excessively-fake holiday. I luff you tons too, HubDad.

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