I could get used to this.

My friends Aimee, Joe and little Owen are here for the weekend because… guess what! They are thinking about moving to Denver from Chicago!

So, they are staying with us for a few days while they look around at neighborhoods, hang out with a realtor and generally get a sense whether Denver could be a place they want to live.

Other than totally trying to convince them that, yes, Denver *is* someplace they want to live, it’s been fun to have then here and hang out with that adorable little boy.

But more importantly, in the 24 hours they have been here, Aimee has already put away my dishes, put away all my laundry… and is right now fixing us all a fabulous gourmet dinner.

Oh yeah. Let’s all collectively chant: Denver! Denver! Denver!

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  1. Meghann

    Hmm, is she interested in the Central Texas area? hahahahahahahahaha!

  2. zenrain

    yeah, casper, wyoming is a very underrated town…
    they’d love it here…;)

  3. joansy

    Good luck!

  4. Lil Sis'

    Hmmm sounds like a great idea to me… maybe we should follow!!! xoxox

  5. soccer mom in denial

    Oh no no non – I’m chanting Boston, Boston, Boston! Or would she be willing to submit to a cloning experiment?

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Last night she made this amazing shrimp pasta thing and there is enough leftovers for all week – YEHHAW!!!!!!!!

  7. Rachel S

    From a Rachel, James, and little Owen who moved to Denver from Chicago…. HECK YEAH, BABY, MOVE HERE! MOVE HERE!!! TRUST ME!!!

    And we’re them smarty-book-learned UofC types! 😉

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