If I don’t make it back, it’s been swell knowing you…

We got our resort assignment for Mexico. And while we were assured anything we got would be “4 Apples or higher” from Apple Vacations, we got pretty much the only 4 Apple that we were hoping we wouldn’t get. Mainly due to a string of reviews on TripAdvisor claiming multiple food poisonings over the past few months. Our travel agent spent a bunch of time trying to soothe me on the phone today, assuring me the resort itself called and swears they do not have a problem, and also that she gets lots of people who request that resort specifically. We even made a last minute attempt to upgrade elsewhere, but they said there is only one other resort available on the whole island of Cozumel but that one is across the street from the beach – and seriously… fuck that!

See for yourself.

Reef Club’s Corporate Site

TripAdvisor Reviews

Yahoo Travel Reviews

Travelocity Reviews & Virtual Tour

OK, so it’s not bad at all if you get past the food poisoning part. We’ll just have to be really careful (like you always are in Mexico). I went out and got some Acidophilus from GNC over lunch just in case. It’s Super Acidophilus, actually. Hopefully that will breed lots of flora in my gut to ward off the yuckies… and if not, I still have 2 leftover Levaquin that I am bringing with me too. Bryan suggested if that doesn’t work, I just go poop on the desk of the manager who told us they did not have a food poisoning problem.


So, I am fading to black until next Wednesday.

More snow coming to Denver on Saturday. I am sooooooo sad I will miss it.

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  1. Tree

    Have a great time! I hope it goes beyond exceeding your admittedly low expectations. Drink some fruity, slushy drink for me, while catching some zzz’s.

  2. Mrs. Wheezer

    Have fun and good luck! 😉

  3. Bryan

    I just returned from a trip to the Reef Club and had a great time. No one got sick, every one had fun, we all relaxed all the time and it was the most wonderful trip on the planet. I recommend everyone go there at least once before you die.

    You will have a great time and will be as happy as a little school girl.



    PS. I am not your husband writing this. I am one of the cleaning people and I am just using his computer at work while he is away.

  4. Anonymous

    I think you should fire those cleaning people… snooping around on Bryan’s computer like that! Who does that??


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