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A Fine Frenzy - Pines

I was thrilled to get on the phone with Alison Sudol, the force behind A Fine Frenzy, to talk about her third full-length album, “Pines,” as well as who she would want to have dinner with and how she is writing a children’s book that I can’t wait to read.

How has your music changed over the years?
My music has deepened and broadened as I have sunk into my own skin. As you get older, you find out about what you really love, what message you want to put into the world. I found what makes me happy and I honed that feeling. I like to be deeply rooted in reality but also have magic that transports the listener.

Pines has a tree theme, can you tell me about that?
It’s really about reconnecting with your childhood. I had a bit of a painful childhood and then friends started to have kids. I looked at that and realized I lost the sense of wonder. When you have a sad childhood, it almost pops that bubble of magic and you have to find your way back to it somehow. That’s really what Pines is about.

*Note from Aimee: this is where I got chills, because as many of you know, my childhood wasn’t so great either, but two songs from the album specifically made me think about the brighter side and/or kicking butt after that time: “Sailingsong” and “They Can’t If You Don’t Let Them.” 

What is your favorite song on Pines?
It’s hard to pick favorites, every song on an album is about that particular point in time when you were writing it. But “Avalanches” and “Riversong” really shaped the album. Avalanches from a music and theme perspective and Riversong was really about that moment of letting go. It’s emotional and poignant for me.

You just finished a tour, how would you describe your live show?
My live show is really very much like the record. At first it’s intimate and meditative. Then the second half has more of the wild side where there’s dancing and everything goes.

I read you are writing a children’s story?
Yes! I have been working on a children’s story for a long time. It’s an adventure classic about two children and it’s really hard to describe without going into the whole storyline. But they start in the 1940s and then, there’s no time involved. There’s an island of talking animals, then they travel to an island in the clouds, and to the bottom of the ocean. It’s really fun.

Favorite musicians?
Nick Drake, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Simon and Garfunkel, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Bob Dylan

Which would you like to work with and who would you like to have dinner with? Because those are two very different things.
Would love to have dinner with Fleet Foxes and work with them. Of course I’d love to work with Nick Drake but that’s not really possible, right? And I would love to have been in the room when Simon and Garfunkel were recording back in the day.

I have to ask, since I’m a blogger – how do you use social media?
With Twitter and my Tumblr, I like to put things I love out into the world. I share the beautiful things I find, my favorite poets, great work from the charities I am involved with.

Speaking of, you are the Goodwill Ambassador for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
Yes! Their scientists work on marine conservation, green energy, with indigenous communities on reforestation work, National Heritage sites, the endangered species list. Really amazing. I work with many other charities too… it makes me feel like I’m earning my place in the world.


And earning her place, she is. I love all of her albums but the really cool part is I have THREE of her latest album Pines, autographed, to giveaway TO YOU!

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Thank you Alison, for your time and graciousness! 

Interview was provided through A Fine Frenzy’s record label, who will be mailing the winning CDs.

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  1. Everyfann

    Love her! Would love to get CD!

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    how cool. will check her out.

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    Heard about this on FB – love!

  4. Monica

    Love love love all of Alison’s songs. I recognize true talent and I recognize it in her.

  5. Denice

    She’s about the most amazing person out there and I’m really glad she found peace with her music again. It’s helped me get through so much and I thank her for that. xx

  6. Lizzy

    Absolutely wonderful music 🙂

  7. Karen

    This is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

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    Alison is a truly fascinating and interesting musician

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    Good interview

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  11. Josué

    I love it! Alison is so Wondeful! 5 years dedicated to enjoy her music!Such a honor!

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    She is surely one of the most talented singer-songwriter I’ve known in the last few years! Would love to get that CD…

  13. Hey! I'm Lizzy.

    a true gem!

  14. David Koh

    I loved Pines! Do get it even if you don’t win this contest and listen to it all the way through =)

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    she has a beautiful voice!

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    Thanks for the interview and contest!”pines” is a really great art piece!

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    great interview!

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    ‘Pines’ is a masterpiece! And Alison is a really lovly person 🙂

  22. Freddie B

    You have to check out her cover of Frank Sinatra’s “The Things We did Last Summer”, it’s hauntingly beautiful.

  23. John Della Pietra

    Alison is an amazon. She sings so honestly it touches your soul like great music should.

  24. LaurenBarko

    I’m so happy that ‘Avalanches’ and ‘Riversong’ shaped the album because those are my two favorites!

  25. JennyMoose

    I would love to be entered. Aimee it breaks my heart to think of your childhood so vandalized. I promise there were good times and I only wish the memories weren’t so tainted. You and I had major fun. Swimming, roller skating, riding our bikes, the library, sprinklers, Girl Scouts, bus rides, shared lunches, shared Popsicles, shared car pool, shared giggles, shared poison ivy, shared Lincoln logs, maybe I should shut up now…


    Love her! I’m glad she’s finding childish joy again. I hope it continues. We can’t let all that past junk continue to keepus is PAST. 🙂 How cool that you got to interview her.

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  31. Erynne M

    What a great interview! I would love to win an autographed copy of Pines. I was so bummed when I missed the last bardot show due to illness.

  32. Erynne M

    What a great interview! I would love to win an autographed copy of Pines. I was so bummed when I missed the last bardot show due to illness.

  33. Sid Nong

    As always she’s amazing. <3

  34. Sid Nong

    As always she’s amazing. <3

  35. Melissa T

    So glad I found out about this website! I absolutely love her music and am in love with the new album.

  36. Katelynn

    Alison! I love your music-I’ve been a fan for a long time now and your songs never fail to make me feel a strong emotion-whether it be happy or sad. 🙂

  37. mentinfusion

    I love Alison Sudol and I am very sad that i will probably never be able to watch her perform live, since I live in Romania.
    Her music is full of emotions and it can carry you to so many different and wonderful worlds.

  38. Alex (▰˘◡˘▰)

    I love her so much! I wasn’t able to go see her in concert this past October, I hope I’ll see her live one day! 🙂

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    She is such a kind, beautiful human being.

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    <3 her music so much. And her tumblr is one the most gorgeous set of photos I've ever seen.

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    The Pines question was brilliant. I listen to her music in hope of reconnecting to my sense of wonder. Lovely interview! – KAR

  44. Karly Jade

    She really DOES have a way of writing music that is realistic and relatable, but also takes you to a place away from your current life. I love Alison’s music; it has helped me through SO much of my hardest times, and she somehow has the right words for everything. Her music is so poetic; The lyrics are heavenly; Even some of her saddest songs have a tinge of hope to them. Each song she has written has a special meaning to me and each has been like a friend to comfort me, motivate me, or console with me. I can’t wait to hear more from her, and thank you for this interview! 🙂

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    Oh goodness – so happy to hear about the original book again – this is the first interview I’ve heard her talk about it in over a year or so! I thought she might have changed it into the story she wrote about Pine – so wonderful to know that’s something more to look forward to!
    This is a great interview, thank you so much for actually asking her good questions and for sharing it with us. {Never heard of your blog before but now I will come back because I know it’s such high quality <3 Thank you again - have a wonderful day xxx

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    Alison is amazing, I love her new album, Pines.

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