January Greeblemix Winners + TGIF!

SHOCKER! Monstergirlee got one of these mix CD’s. She only commented like 50 times! She was clearly DETERMINED to have one!

All the winners:

10 – Angry Julie Monday
4 – Joey McAllister
22 – Monstergirlee

Send me your addresses, friends! Hope you enjoy the CD!

(iTunes Playlist of all Songs)
Tonight The Streets Are Ours by Richard Hawley
Out of Tune by Real Estate
Messed Up On Purpose by Lost Souvenirs
While We’re Young by Department of Eagles
Restless Youth by Air Dubai
Step Out of the Car by The Boxer Rebellion
Get Some by Lykke Li
Turn the Dirt Over by Sea Wolf
Winds of Fortune by Midnight Juggernauts
Heard It On the Radio by The Bird and the Bee
Wish by Paper Route
Shell Games by Bright Eyes
Rocksteady by Big Head Todd & The Monsters
Center of the Sun by The 88
40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Switchblade by Jenny and Johnny
Please Take by Wire
The Pact (I’ll Be Your Fever) by Villagers
My Friend John by The Fratellis
Die Slow by Health
Heartbreaker by Girls
Arkansas by Damien Jurado

Also, what is up for the weekend?

We have a sleepover for Declan. As in, one of his friends are sleeping over. As in, holy crap – I actually think this is the first REAL one. We’ve had more babysitting style sleepovers – but this is OFFICIAL, yo’s. Any tips?

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  1. monstergirlee

    Yes, yes I was determined to win. Yay.

    So, sleepovers – cushions or mattresses and sleeping bags in the living room with Star Wars in the DVD player, and snacks, try for salty snacks, and no caffeinated drinks. And don’t try to make them go to sleep, just let them stay up. They’ll go down around midnight maybe?

    Speaking of sleepovers, my boy wanted one tonight. Guess I should make a call.

    Thanks Aimee – I totally wanted a new greeblemix.

  2. zenrain

    I agree, don’t make them go to sleep, just let them hang out and stay up, they will fall asleep eventually 🙂 I had the 3 cousins last night and all 5 kids slept in the living room under the table! I fell asleep before they did!

  3. Kim Hosey

    I second the sleeping bags and DVD. We had E.T. on, and they fell asleep before the bikes started flying — but only because we didn’t tell them to go to sleep. Also, we practiced selective hearing about bickering. Kids who get along flawlessly tend to deteriorate when they’re tired and going on their fifth hour together, but it works itself out.

    Ooh, also: tag team them. My husband and I decided that I would take care of nighttime comforting and food requests, and he would mediate the Great Video Game Controller Battle of 2010.

  4. Heather

    Hope the sleepover went well!

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