July Greeblemix Contest – Independence Day Edition

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I have a been a bit scarce because I was back in Maryland with my mom since Wednesday. She is doing quite well, considering, although not well enough in her mind, because she is incredibly stubborn, and gee, I wonder where I get that trait???

But I got home last night, just in time for a rain-soaked major league lacrosse game at Mile High, where the Denver Outlaws beat the *Maryland* team – total coincidence they were playing last night. We left before they canceled the fireworks, but managed to catch some in a different area on our way home.

Point being, who is ready for some new music??? I promise to be more on the ball with mailing the CDs this month. June was an absolute blur.

Greeblemix Rules
1. Comment as often as you like, up until midnight WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 2010. {UPDATED: THURSDAY JULY 8, 2010}
2. No anonymous comments.
3. Winners from last month, please take a month off.
4. Thursday morning, I will use Random.org to randomly select three winners. Three free mix CDs will go to the three winners!
5. Winners must be willing to give me their snail mail to send the CD. If you don’t send me your address, I can’t send the CD.
6. No need to have to have a blog to enter. We are equal opportunity around here.


What did you do to celebrate the 4th of July?

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  1. The Bug

    We spent the weekend in Marblehead, Ohio by Lake Erie. Watched the Cedar Point fireworks from our hotel’s dock – it was nice & restful.

  2. zipper

    Fireworks with the fam. Glad things went well with your mom.

  3. JennyMoose

    We missed seeing you. But looking forward to seeing you soon!

  4. Tia

    We headed up to the Promenade to watch the Westminster fireworks. Enjoyed some hot cocoa and the rainy weather with my daughter. It was a good time. 🙂

  5. Kathryn

    Good to hear your mom is doing well! I”m from Maryland too!! Sat out the fireworks last night, and opted to visit with my folks out of town instead. Still a good way to say happy birthday to America!

    Love reading your blog!

  6. Jessica

    Hi there! Gorgeous photo (as usual).

    Hilarious that those teams were playing each other after our talk in the shuttle.

    SO glad your mother is doing better- especially after your grief with the airline/getting tix etc.

    Looking forward to seine you again soon, friend 🙂

    ALSO- taking all of your tips re photos- thank you again!

  7. zenrain

    After I got home from work we went to see Toy Story 3..if you haven’t seen it yet, take your tissues!! Then fireworks at night. Pretty laid back day. Glad mom’s doing better 🙂

  8. Shari

    We celebrated by going to our small river town and watched the fireworks set off over the Ohio River.

  9. wendy bristol photography

    Mountain biking near Masonville and fireworks in the rain.

  10. martarebeccah

    Glad things are going well!

    BBQed with some friends.

  11. megan

    glad mom is getting better! We just had dinner out. Lowkey.

  12. Esther Crawford

    Kept my son up way past his bedtime so we could walk down to the fireworks. Just a very sweet + low-key holiday for the Crawford clan. 🙂

  13. tarable

    We started the day with a high-altitude training run then proceeded to not do much after that. A last-minute BBQ with friends turned into a car-port extravaganza, thanks to the rain, and we may have witnessed an illegal display of fireworks. But I’m not naming any names!

    (Glad you’re home safely…)

  14. SJ

    We packed up the car and went camping for a few days in 11 Mile Canyon. Then on our way home, we stopped off on Manitou Springs just in time for fireworks!

    We had a great time. Sucks to be back at work today….

    Glad to hear that your mother is doing well.

  15. Buttercupyaya

    Hello Darlin’!
    We seem to do something different every year, though some elements remain the same: fireworks and barbecue.
    This year my bestie hosted at her house, the kids had a sundae bar and we all had a GREAT time. 🙂

  16. MB

    We watched fireworks in a big field behind a barn with some of the best folks I’ve known. Loved every minute. I’ve been thinking about your mama!

  17. chloebear

    watched the fireworks from our creek, then I put the boy to bed and snuck off to see Eclipse – i really enjoyed it!

  18. JK @ HandsOn Network

    I was at my granny’s house watching home spun fireworks!

  19. Kelly

    Hope your Mom is feeling better every day!
    We were low key. Neither of us favor this holiday much. Too many drunks and unsmart people playing with explosives. Now If I were going to see say…the Boston Pops and some Fireworks..I’d be ALL over it! but until then…I’d Love some new music! 🙂

  20. Deb

    Thinking about you, your travels and your mom. On the 4th we took a friend out for Indian food for her birthday. That’s as American as anything else! LOVE the bee on my Greeblecalendar–I finally committed to July today and there was the beautifulness.

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  22. melia

    sorry we missed you here in Maryland. i spent the 4th down in Annapolis. on a boat. it was fab!

  23. TG

    Fireworks with your family…So great!
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