Just when I thought I couldn’t get any dorkier…

I was playing around in iLike and noticed I am the person with the “Top Listener” for several artists.

• Deacon Blue (who I saw in concert in Wales, of which said crazy American was mentioned on their web site)
• Paul Young (my first concert ever!)
• Leigh Nash (this one snuck up on me, I never even really dug the Cardigans all that much)
• Tasmin Archer (one album wonder, and I really liked that one album)
• Aztec Camera (Roddy Frame is out there, being REALLY proud of me, I just know it)
• Sara Hickman (A longtime fave who is mainly doing kids music now… but I fondly remember the days when we saw her at a tiny club and in strolled Adrian Belew, who had bought her record away from her previous record company and was deathly afraid of flying – so we were fairly certain he was high as a kite… but a nice man! And Sara rocks!
• The Heads (How is it possible for me to be highest listener of the album that the other members of Talking Heads put out simply to say fuck you to David Bryrne? And album that features loads of famous people? IT’S REALLY, REALLY GOOD!
• Remy Shand (My friend Tony from college turned me on to this guy and the fact that I am his highest listener cracks me up because I really only like one song.)
• Kimberly Summer (I am proud to be her top listener, because she went to my college! About 10 years after I did, but still!)

And thank goodness I am #1 for my favorite band, who is on tour, who I am seeing in August, and who has a new album coming out in July.

• Crowded House

Oh, happy day. I am a complete idiot.

And obviously listen to music waaaay more than I should.

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  1. Anonymous

    That is hilarious!

  2. aimee / greeblemonkey

    HA! I’m dorky AND a loser!

  3. aimee / greeblemonkey

    (although in my defense, I did actually know that, LOL)

  4. Bryan

    You are not dorky at all. Only 3 other people use that thing: K Fed, Brett Michaels, and Screech. And you have very different musical tastes from them. 🙂

  5. zenrain

    i’m so happy you’re top listener for crowded house!

  6. merrymishaps

    FYI, Leigh Nash was the frontwoman of Sixpence None the Richer, not Cardigans … just in case you wanted to check out any back-catalog stuff.

    I really like her, too!

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