Learning Maturity From His Little Brother

Yeah, I know. Declan doesn’t actually have a little brother. Small technicality.

What he does have, is the son of our best friends. A precocious ball of energy that turns four this month, and who we love to death.

When they refer to each other as “brothers,” eyebrows inevitably go up.

But who cares.

We all make our own family, right? And our family includes Jeff, Danielle and Grayson.

our family

I have always heard that five years is a good age gap between siblings. Declan is 5.5 years older than Grayson, almost to the week. (I guess we added six months for good measure?)

What that means is they get along incredibly well. Grayson wants to do everything Declan is doing. Which is helpful when you are trying to get Grayson to eat. Declan is willing to play like crazy with Grayson. Which is helpful when you are trying to get Declan off the iPad.

They are SO DAMN CUTE.

I love these boys.

But beyond the heightened cute-factor, there is an interesting wave of zen-like maturity that washes over Declan after he hangs out with Grayson. Like he finally understands how annoying he, Declan, can be. Declan gets Mom voice. He tells Grayson to STOP IT. Whatever IT is. He bosses Grayson around. He gets this attitude of disbelief over, GOOD LORD, how children could EVER act that way. It’s like Maggie Smith invades his body.

Not saying that Grayson is annoying. He is (almost) four. He is a cute, smiley kid that acts like a four year old.

Which Declan only sees when Grayson is around. That is his only frame of reference.

But when Grayson leaves, we definitely have a 60 year old dowager countess who lives with us for a few days.


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  1. angie

    ha ha that is so cute! we have that with big sister here too.

  2. Everyfann

    great dame maggie pic.

  3. Anonymous

    Gee, that sounds just like your mother and me when we were kids ! I’m glad we grew out of that as we matured :))

    Your mother’s partner in crime….

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey


  5. monstergirlee

    That is so neat, yay! A brother from another mother is just as important.
    Such a wonderful friendship, love it.

  6. Tree

    Maggie Smith as Dex! That’s awesome.

    I see it a lot with Nathan and Jocie. W and I were putting together a puzzle at the dining room table and the kids were putting together their valentines. It was so cool to be able to peek into how they interact without us in the room. Nathan is alternately encouraging and bossy. Jocelyn responds in good humor and annoyance.

  7. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    yeah, it’s so interesting from the only child perspective!

  8. Ms Life

    Reminds of my niece when she was about 10 years and my nephew who is 5 years younger. Niece would usually report that Nephew does not listen to ‘adults’ – adults here being her 10 year old self. It used to crack me up.

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