Look what happened today!

One down, 18 to go!

What’s the going rate for the Tooth Fairy anyway? Which, by the way, Bryan really wants to have the “Tooth Cowboy” in our house. Not that he cares about Fairies being “girly” or anything, I think he just wants to dress up in cowboy gear.


UPDATE: Well, Declan was already “infected” by the Tooth Fairy so we just went with it. Another example of the Man holding you down. Or, in this case, the Whoa-Man. Either way, he was THRILLED with the dollar bill he found under his pillow this morning. And we were thrilled that we actually had some cash in the house to put there.

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  1. mayberry

    I love the idea of the Tooth Cowboy!

    Our girl predicted the TF would bring “one dollar and two quarters” so that is what happened. We also used a silver dollar (from my husband’s childhood stash!).

  2. Anne

    $5 for the first at our house. $2 for each thereafter.

    Teeth bring a lot of money here in Oklahoma, ya think?

  3. joansy

    We’ll be doing Sacagawea dollar coins – 1 per tooth. We got all of the neighborhood parents to agree on the same pay in an effort to avoid disparate pay by the fairy, but I don’t know how that will work with school.

    By the way, I was 10 years old when I lost my first tooth – way past the age of believing in the tooth fairy and I feel like I was ripped off.

  4. Nat

    going rate really depends on how much the toothfairy has in her wallet. Usually about a toonie (a two dollar coin) but last night he lucked out since I only had a five dollar bill… Alas.

    My Sis-in-law gives liek $10 and gum or something, which is entirely too much given that by the end she’ll have give out 200. Ack.

  5. Bre

    We used to get like, a quarter and a new toothbrush – Now I feel ripped off! 🙂

  6. zenrain

    a gold sacajawea, she loved it! and that is the same tooth emerson lost first!!

  7. soccer mom in denial

    Fancy silver dollar. My guys think the Tooth Fairy is a rock star because she leaves a single fancy silver dollar for each tooth under their pillows.

  8. painted maypole

    MQ is so anxious to lose a tooth. She has several “loose” teeth – that wiggle only in her brain. 😉

  9. Alpha DogMa

    Lets put it this way: what would be less frightening for a five year old to imagine sneaking into his room: Tinkerbelle or John Wayne?

    Tell Bryan he can dress up like a cowboy and sneak into YOUR room! Now that’s a blog post I’d like to read.

  10. Charlotte

    In Germany, teeth are at a premium. The Tooth Fairy pays €2 per tooth, which is getting expensive since both daughters are losing their teeth at the moment.

    I love the idea of the Tooth Cowboy! I think my little boy could get into that.

  11. Anonymous

    How cute is that kid???

  12. Alicia

    One dollar is all I was rewarded when I was loosing teeth. I think I’ll be carrying on that tradition. Not only is it cheap, but I’m sure she’ll be just as excited as I was to even get money under her pillow. How often does that happen?

  13. sue

    Ah, yes… the beginning. 😉

    It has been so long since any kind of tooth fairy visited my house I have no clue on the going cost.

  14. Sizzle

    a tooth cowboy would be SO cool. either way, getting a dollar under your pillow is fun.

  15. Michelle

    Wow!! I can’t believe that he already lost his first tooth. I love the idea of the cowboy. That would be right up Hope’s alley in our house. I think that we will give $1. I’ve already picked up a cute little tooth fairy pillow. It has a pocket for their tooth, which them will be replaced with the $money$. It’s small enough that it will fit nicely under their pillow.

    What do you do with the tooth? My parents saved mine…which my hubby thinks is really gross.

  16. Shelly

    E has lost 2 teeth, and I think she received $1 for each. I wanted to give more but dh vetoed me. Now, one of her top front teeth is loose and her friend at school told her “you get like $10 for those.” Thanks, kid, I’ll be raiding your lunch money to cover my a$$!

  17. mama2munchkin

    Declan is too cute!

    Jenna gets $1 and she has yet to lose a tooth at home! The first, she lost when we were at Disney last year; the second she swallowed eating at a b-day party Labor Day weekend last year; the third she lost at a friend’s house (eating again!) a couple of months ago, and lost the fourth one at the state fair 3 weeks ago. All bottom teeth, btw. She currently has a top tooth that is VERY loose, but she refuses to just pull it out or let us (she’s my kid, without a doubt!). I can’t wait to see where we are when it finally comes out…

    So, I have one losing teeth, and another just getting them in (the baby is 6 1/2 mo old)! Fun times.

  18. ali

    emily and josh would be VERY jealous! 😉

  19. Gretchen

    I was close – thought it would be out by Monday!

    Ah well. TF pays $2 here – as to do the neighborhood TF-ies.

  20. Sue at nobaddays

    You realize that if you let the tooth cowboy sneak into your room, you’re going to have to leave him more than a silly old silver dollar under your pillow … sigh, a girl’s work is never done 😉

  21. Nadine

    How cute is that picture! Also funny how we’re still welcoming the teeth, and your little one is saying good bye to his.

  22. Andie D.

    My 5 year old has been desperate to loose a tooth. He has been obsessive about it for about a year. I’m becoming desperate for him to lose a tooth now too!

    I like the idea of a silver dollar or Sacagawea. My kid would also love the who Tooth Cowboy gig. He’d probably want to be one when he grows up though!

  23. Killer

    I wish there was a hair-fairy. I lose an awful lot of those. I could be rich by now.

  24. aimee / greeblemonkey

    thanks all… yes, Declan tooth did come out rather early for a 5yo. Bit his baby teeth started coming in a FOUR MONTHS!

    And Michelle, I put it way back in a drawer (in a ziplock). I very nearly threw it away, because it kinda creeped me to keep it, then I was scared I would regret it… so I figured we could think about it for a while.

    Thoughts? Have you guys kept the teeth?

  25. Kelly O

    *gasp* Little man!

  26. Sassy

    LOVE the idea of a Tooth Cowboy!! And silver dollars!!!!

  27. Tree

    I am so excited for him!!!

  28. monstergirlee

    Cool! I like the idea of a Sacajawea dollar coin, make it seem more like “Pirate” money. My son loves anything pirate. He’s turning 5 in november so I guess he’ll be losing one soon. He also got his first tooth early – 16 weeks for the first, 16 weeks + 2 days for #2. Guess I have to keep my eyes open.

    I’ll tell you a quick story. The day I stopped believing in the tooth fairy was the morning after I put a tooth under my pillow – a tooth that I found in my Mom’s jewelry box – and there was no quarter. I tried for two more days, no quarter. That pretty much sealed the deal on the Tooth Fairy for me.

  29. Catherine

    I’m one of those creepy moms that keeps teeth. I have no idea what I’ll do with them eventually. But with four kids x 18 teeth, I better think of somethin’!

  30. carrie

    That’s great!

    Now, my only advice for future tooth fairy/cosboy visits? Don’t forget to put something under his pillow! Put a little reminder on your bed or something anything, because nothing is sadder than a kid looking for what the tooth fairy forgot the next morning.

  31. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Monstergirlee, that story is awesome!

    And Catherine… um, jewelry??


  32. Sarah

    Congrats to Dex!

  33. Lynn

    I LOVE the “tooth cowboy” idea! It will be another year or two before my girls start losing their teeth, but I think I’ll just have to get a restraining order on the tooth fairy and let the tooth cowboy do his thing.

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