Lunch Chat 3: Hottyism

About to bring out a storm of haters, but oh well.

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  1. Julia Roy


    But yes the number one thing that sells on the internet… SEX.

    Not to say that charity, education, etc are not valuable, but there is one thing that will always be #1 because a lot of people are on the internet because they are lonely.

  2. Sizzle

    I missed this Twitter hot list and frankly, am glad I didn’t know about it. WTF?

    Just once I’d like to see someone like, say, Sara Ramirez with some uber-hot guy. Personally, I think she’s smokin’ sexy.

  3. zipper

    awesome. and yes, sex sells.

  4. monstergirlee

    Babe you are not crazy at all! The kind of queens disease – I see it everywhere. In movies when they pair some aging leading man with some 20-nothing hot chick. So unrealistic, but you see it over and over.

    I missed the the hottest twitters list – glad I did because I don’t care.
    but yeah, sex sells. fuck that shit.

  5. Paul Merrill

    You’re not crazy.

    The level of public taste is normally very low. It’s hard for those of us with higher standards to live in this world. (Like, how many other restaurant chains would we choose to be the world’s most popular over MacDonalds, if we had the choice??)

  6. SP

    You are NOT crazy.

    And so what do all of us normal girls do in the real world when men start to expect you to look like that?

  7. whoorl

    This was hilarious. TRUE, but hilarious. (Love your voice, btw.)

  8. Mary Lynn

    You are too funny. Love the print commentary throughout.

    And yeah–it is a bit ridiculous. Hey! Wouldn’t it be great to hear about what women THINK?

  9. Alex

    Women perpetuate this by they way they dress and act.

  10. Ashley

    The message is upsetting to me. The same message we, as women, get when we’re fucking tired and worn down from all of our “womanly” duties. We SHOULD be attractive. Attractiveness is IMPORTANT. We NEED to impress men (in order to secure longterm relationships and children). We NEED to be nice and CAREGIVING. Where are these messages for men?

  11. Ashleigh

    I think Flickr interestingness has to do with the amount of contacts. Other than that…sexy sells which sucks because it in no way represents the real woman OR or the real man.

    Now if you just get George Clooney or Anderson Cooper to call me, I’ll be so happy.


  12. Nat

    Wasn’t high speed internet developed as a way for people to get porn more quickly? Internet is all about hot. I’m not hot. I know it… I’m a lot of other things. But hot, not so much.

    I don’t think it’s only on the internet, I went shopping for clothing last weekend (bras and jeans) and well, it occurred to me that I have ceased to exist out there. You can be hip hot 20-something with super low-rise jeans or I can be 60-something and get a pair with front-butt. In between, I guess I’m suppose to be this frumpy mom figure, it’s khakis or business attire. It’s as if at 30-something I just sort of disappeared as an entity.

    (Supposed it’s wrong to say you look awesome in this vlog eh?)

  13. Andrea

    SOOOOOO with you.

  14. carrie

    Nope. No crazy here.

    I think it’s always been like this, we just have so many more avenues to experience it with all the technology available!

    Now…whether that is good or bad? I can’t even begin to discuss that! Maybe you can next week! LOL!

  15. Manisha

    “What is hot” has never been about real life. Real life is boring and most people are either seeking an escape from it or looking for entertainment, not a reflection of their mundane daily life. It explains why my flickr stream has such few views and I am fine with that. I am not one for popularity – I want depth and I share that with the 5 people who follow me on Flickr 😀

  16. EatPlayLove

    Has anyone said preaching to the choir?! Although I don’t think you are preaching, but I see it everywhere. Clearly we need to start the hottest TALL real women of Twitter. My list is at least 10 deep. ha!

  17. nutmeg

    Shut. Up. You’re a hot chick.

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