Lunch Chat 3: Sensory Issues

Here’s my latest foray into video blogging. Talking about Sensory Integration Dysfunction vs. plain old childhood weirdness.

AND! BONUS! If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out this video I shot at the Travis concert last week. Yes, Fran Healy gets up REALLY close and personal.

Several other Travis videos on my YouTube Channel. Yes. I have a channel. So dumb.

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  1. Meghann

    OMG YES.

    Logan, being on the autism spectrum, has a lot of sensory issues we get to deal with. (the current one being he completely wigs out being sprayed by anything, like mosquito spray. Yeah, that’s real helpful here in Mosquito Central) But anyways, a long time ago, when my sister was visiting, I was filling out a sensory questionnaire about Logan, and realized that I had a lot of issues. My sister does as well.

    I am with you on the wood in mouth, or metal scraping against teeth. Or metal scraping together, like forks. Just thinking about that, like now, my jaw is totally clenched. I have a thing about fabric in my mouth too, probably from traumatic dental work as a kid, and the gauze I had to have afterward. *gag*

    There are also a lot of foods I don’t eat based on texture alone. (like jellybeans, ack!)

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I am trying to keep it still! But it was still wiggly in the wind. And I kind of like it moving around too – more action. Ha. It’s fun to experiment!

  3. Gwen in MD

    Watching you react to little wet paper pieces was far more entertaining than anything else in the bar – and I highly recommend it to your friends these days!
    I can’t stand the smell of Play-Do and cringe whenever the kids insist on pulling it out…

  4. Alicia

    This is the first pod-cast post I’ve watched of yours. Very cool!! I cannot handle chalk on the chalkboard or erasing the board… which makes it hard, considering I’m a teacher with a chalkboard! I also CANNOT stand even the thought of bare feet on cement that has a layer sand.

  5. Anonymous

    Love the faces you make.

  6. The Casual Perfectionist

    First of all, yay! The camera wasn’t jiggly!

    Okay, now that that’s out of the way. 🙂

    I can’t handle wool. Even the “softest” of wools are horribly scratchy and rough to me. They even make a noise in my head. I can tell with a single touch if something has wool in it.

    One of my friends can’t touch cotton balls. She said they make a squeaking noise that jars her brain.

    Good topic!

  7. Caffeinatrix

    I’ve often thought the same thing…that what has an official diagnoses these days was just a quirk back when we were kids.

    My “quirks” are wide and varied…

    I hate, hate, hate sand on my feet, especially if it’s the darker, dirtier, more powdery kind. Walking in the garage in bare feet has the same effect. *shudder*

    I hate wet food of any kind. When people just put plates of food in the sink without scraping and rinsing and it gets all wet, it grosses me out so much.

    I hate repetitive sounds and I hate a lot of noise. A dull roar, like in a restaurant, is okay but when it’s a lot of distinct sounds, it’s total sensory overload for me.

    So HOW weird am I?

  8. sunmamma

    My oldest son has SID. As he is getting older it is becoming easier to deal with for him and for us. I don’t really have any sensory issues but my mom has TONS!! Know wonder where my son got it from 😉 She can’t wear anything tight around her waist or she gets nauseas. She HATES hair is her face so she keeps her hair really short. She recently gave me these gorgeous soup bowls because she couldn’t stand how the spooons sounded when they scraped the bottom of the bowls, lol.

  9. Ashleigh

    I can not stand the sound metal makes like when my hubby uses a knife to cut up meat and it scrapes his dinner plate. Or feeling i get when a metal fork scrapes my teeth.

    Yeah. That’s like nail on a chalkboard.

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