Lunch Chat: The Intro (With Added SNUNDER!)

Trying something new and probably really stupid. Be gentle.

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  1. Neil

    I really really love that. Although I love reading blogs, and seeing photos, video has a “realistic” impact that is very intimate. “Hey, it’s YOU. It’s your VOICE! It’s YOU in the middle of a blizzard – WTF!?” Great. Hopefully, the next one will be in a nicer weather.

  2. meghann

    I think it’s great! You have a great voice you know. (I hope that didn’t come across as creepy, it’s not meant that way.)

    p.s.-invited to Momversation or not, you are SO cool. Proof-you are one of only 18 people Pioneer Woman is following on Twitter. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

  3. Chris

    Ooh! Love it! We SO don’t get any real weather in in SoCal. I’m all excited seeing your snow! lol. Keep it comin’!

  4. laura-dolcepics

    Great idea for video lunch chats! If I wasn’t so deathly afraid of seeing myself on the screen, I might participate! Sorry you’re having such nasty weather!

  5. mediamum

    I’ll lunch chat too! 🙂 I have no idea what about. Maybe we should have lunch and chat about it… 😉

  6. Mr Lady

    Snow? AND THUNDER?

    All the cool stuff happens when I’m not there.

    PS: I love lunch chat, mostly because I miss you.

  7. SP

    I love this idea. I don’t have a video camera so I can’t play this game. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out my DSLR so no one wants to hand me a video camera anyway. BUT, I love the lunch chat idea and will definitely tune in when you do them.

    P.S. Time for another CD give-away thingy, I need more music. I just heard Adele on DWTS and thought “I really like her but I’ve heard that song before…” And what do you know, it was the first song on the CD I won from you over a year ago! *boggle*

  8. Mayberry

    I love it and I totally want to play. One of the only things I miss about working in an office is the Importance of Lunch.

  9. Anonymous

    Can’t get over that weather! You are crazy!

  10. monstergirlee

    Took me a while to figure out Snunder.
    I love thunder – not sure if I’ve ever been in a snunder shower tho. You are a brave woman to be out it.

    So, I like the idea of your lunch chat.
    So, how do you like Bryan’s flip mino? I need something like that in my life.

  11. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Thanks friends. You really are SOOO kind.

    And the weather was crazy here even by Colorado standards. Seriously could NOT believe it.

    And Monstergirlee – I was actually using the Flip Mino HD from work but but the regular Mino and the HD are AWESOME!!!!

  12. Wendy

    This was great! I don’t think I have the nerve to join you but I’ll come and watch!

  13. Alison

    I didn’t get the “snunder” bit until halfway through. *snort*

    Anyway…good idea…and you’ll get used to doing videoblogs and will have fun with them. Srsly.

    (I’m taking the liberty of making my URL here the video category of my blog. It’s high time I made another video.)

  14. Kitt

    How fun! Good debut with dramatic sound effects!

  15. Naomi

    Your Snunder beats our stuff here in Ohio ANY day of the week!

    Great idea for Lunch Chats!

    I’ll join you, but not until we get to Delhi, ok? That’ll be fun, eh?

  16. Naomi

    btw – not stupid at all … love that you “went there” and are doing this!

  17. zipper

    Loved it! The weather was a nice touch.

  18. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    So- now that you all are on board- what should we talk about????

  19. Ali

    best. idea. ever.

    would love to lunch chat with you. unfortunately, i don’t think my coworkers in the cubes around me would appreciate it much. heh.

  20. Megan

    OK, you asked for it! Here are some suggestions for Lunch Chat:

    Latest Fave Music
    American Idol
    Movie Reviews
    TV Shows You Liked As A Kid
    Photo Techniques
    Reviews of Other Blogger Friends Sites
    Hot Topics In Parenting (Breastfeeding, Circumcision, RedShirting, Homeschooling, etc)
    Favorite Concerts

    I am sure I will think of more as soon as I hit submit.

  21. Sizzle

    You are nuts to be outside in that crazy weather! This video makes me miss you. xo

  22. Ashleigh

    I might give it a shot. Just know that I’ll look like a total dork.

    carry on.

  23. zenrain

    i love it! and it truly makes me miss you!!!
    gotta go now, i can hear the 35 TURKEYS that are across the street!! got to take a look!

  24. merrymishaps

    This reminded me of when weather stations send meteorologists out during hurricanes.

    I love the idea of video blogs. I may try it sometime 🙂

  25. caroline

    hell i just started a blog. i’m not ready for video. and i ain’t got a camera.

  26. Jody Reale

    LOVE IT!I’ve been dying to get started with the vlogging, and I think this is just the nudge I needed. Stay tuned. (or not…)

  27. Jim "Genuine" Turner

    Love the idea. I am doing my own video stuff now at but I have no way to compete with the Thunder Snow.

  28. Kerri Anne

    This is mostly unrelated to your awesome snunder video, but I was just thinking that I only got to spend about five minutes with you last year in San Francisco and this year in Chicago we must remedy that. Word to your snunder.

  29. Jenny, the Bloggess

    Educational too. I’ve never even heard of snunder.

  30. amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay

    love this babe.

  31. RookieMom Heather

    Same same lady. Whitney and I make our own v-logs just with each other and then don’t share them. It feels like when I was little and I turned my shower into a talk show. But that’s ok. right?

  32. fruitlady

    I made a test recording the other day. I’ll see if I can get it up. It has my alter ego in it. It cracks me up. And since I’ve lost my voice to the dreaded sinus attack it would be a fun day to try to get this one up!

  33. tarable

    Ahhhh…this makes me miss you so much! Love the video, love you and REALLY love springtime in the Rockies.

    Also, I’m dipping my toes in the video blogging world as well, my friend. Very soon.

  34. Ingrid Alongi

    Love it! Great job.

  35. CargoTom

    big step aim. now these are going to be expected from you.

    if brian isn’t there at lunch tho and your not prep’d for a VLogunch just goto

  36. Anonymous

    that was hilarious! you’re like a weather blogger!

  37. beth

    there really weren’t any suggestions for your video blogging lunch chats…except for one person…who did throw out quite a few for you to think about.

    anyhow…start with something easy and fun AMERICAN IDOL !!!!

  38. carrie

    OK – I’m going to stop complaining about the PNW weather…STAT! And those pellets! Wow, we had some of those this year and I took photos because they were so weird – glad someone else understands the importance of amazing weather!

    I don’t “take” lunch, but I’ll se what I can do w/my camera’s video function…

  39. Julia Roy

    YAY! I love it! Cant wait to watch 🙂

  40. Anonymous

    I love it…I found myself wanting to talk back to you! It is so cool to see you live. Nice weather- WOW.

  41. Jeremy Tanner

    Looking forward to more lunch chat!


  42. Janey

    I can’t wait for the next one!!!

  43. Design Mom

    Just seeing this. Love it! Can’t wait to join the lunch chats!!

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