Maui Day 7 (Last Day)

And here we are. The end of our trip. As Sizzle mentioned, I *am* feeling a bit sad all over again. But it’s been fun sharing this with you, thanks for being so enthusiastic.

OK, ready?

As we packed, Declan was thrilled with all the seashell necklaces he had acquired over the week. Of course, all four of us pawned every one we received off on him, so it was pretty easy for him to load up.

Early in the morning, Jeff and Danielle took off for one more snorkeling adventure up the beach and we lounged around the pool.

When they got back, we all checked out and lost our shit over our bill (seeing as we had been charging everything to the room all week). But seriously, it was worth it. Hawaii is magical. Even if Declan may have to take out some student loans for college. At least he can say he went to Hawaii when he was 5, right?

And after lunch, it started to cloud up a bit. Really, the first semi-not-so-fabulous weather we had all week. It was like Maui knew we were leaving and was trying to make it easier for us.

So we just hung out in the hot tub rather than the pool. No big whoop.

And starting saying goodbyes.

To the swim-up bar.

And the kiddie pool.

And the hordes of people with too little sunscreen on.

But one little boy had the time of his life. (Oh, and the red stuff all over his face? That’s cherries. So, he had the time of his life – AND cherries.)

Bryan had some fun too.

OK, we all did.

Goodbye, Hawaii. Mahalo.

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  1. zipper

    I was waiting all day, girl! It was fun to complete the trip.

  2. LA RN

    You deserve every minute of your fabulous trip!

    PS. I LOVE the swim up bar. Who doesn’t???? If you have problems swimming in piss then never go to any pool, EVER AGAIN. God created chlorine for a reason…

  3. mama2munchkin

    Thanks for the recap! I felt kind of sad reading this last one, LOL!

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    LOL, Alpha, I remember that! And actually look at the photo. It’s perfect for you. It’s a faux swimup bar. You swimup and get out and sit in chairs. I was actually kinda bummed about that cause I would get a little chill. [dramatic sigh]

  5. Alpha DogMa

    It looks like you had a great time. And the resort looks fantastic. Except for the swim up bar. I am no fan of the swim up bar.

  6. nobaddays

    Been listenin’ along but not commenting (relly’s visiting so only time for a quick read each day). Have thoroughly enjoyed your pics and the daily recap.

  7. Lauren

    I, too, am sad to see these go. But we’ll just have to wait till your next vacation. Because I really loved the Grand Canyon recap too!

  8. Sizzle

    love your shirt. my friend has it!

  9. monstergirlee

    alpha dogma – LMAO!!!

    I’ve really enjoyed your recap Aimee. And I love Bryan’s Ukealele. Very hawaii – can he actually play it or does he just look great posing with it – hee-hee
    Thanks for the pics and story.

  10. Tree

    Loved my daily visits to Hawaii via you. Thank you!

  11. Anonymous

    I am sooooooo sad Hawaii is over!!!

  12. Bunny

    It sounds like you has a fabulous time. Welcome back!

  13. Colleen

    Such a fun trip. You have forced me to add Hawaii to our list of “places we must go”.

  14. chloebear

    When’s the next trip?

  15. carrie

    Thank you for sharing the vacation with us!

    I can’t wait for the day when I get to go back to Maui!

  16. Anonymous

    Mahalo indeed.

  17. Liz

    Is that the grand wailea?? We stayed next door during our honeymoon, and everyday snuck into the grand wailea pool/swim-up bar, and everyday got kicked out. Oh, but it was worth it!

  18. Blue Yonder

    AAAAAACK!!!! I spent my honeymoon (or at least a good part of it) at that very same swim up bar! So cool!

  19. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    liz, we were at the hyatt regency!

    And Blue Yonder, that is wild!

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