Vacation Fog

We have been up at Keystone for almost a week now but it feels like a year. We really needed a vacation. While this has been a sponsored trip, we have just relaxed. You know that kind of relaxing? Where you *literally* cannot remember what day it is? I only know it is Thursday because on Tuesday my whole family SWORE it was Thursday and we all checked our devices to make sure.

Today is Thursday. I am almost positive.

Humans clearly created vacation to give their mind a rest. Even if we are doing non-restful things (like in the case of Bryan, who has been snowboarding his brains out), sometimes we just need to remove our brain from everyday life, do something different, think about other things. That way you appreciate where you are while vacationing, but also appreciate your regular life more too.

Bryan, in particular, hasn’t had a get-away-from-it-all trip in a while. I purposely made sure we had a weekend at home before work began again so that we could ease back into it.

I have no idea what is going on in the world, which is weird but also nice. Sometimes we need a cocoon. Some mental white noise to block everything out.

We have been here over Spring Break, which means when we get back to Denver this weekend, summer will be fast approaching. I am pretty sure every weekend is booked until almost September. The warm months are very fun here and they go by very fast.

I feel lucky we had some time to recharge, to just be. Sometimes a fog is exactly what you needed.

Royalty-free photo from Pixabay.

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  1. Sarah Patterson

    Totally hear you. Sometimes I can’t even figure out the time of day when I am on vacation.

  2. Marabeth

    So glad you all got to do that!

  3. Avery Everyfann

    YES! I have this all the time! Even when I am not on vacation. 😉

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