Melt Your Heart Moments

Saturday was kind of a crappy day at Casa Greeblemonkey. I think we were all tired from the Halloween week, from too much sugar and too much running around. Either way, Declan was being a little jerk all day long. He had 4 time-outs (unheard of) and finally I had to take a butt-load of toys away for a week as punishment for his behavior. I hate that!

Then Saturday night we all slept like the dead and Sunday was much, much better. My happy, chipper kid was back.

Later in the day, he came over to me and said, very solemnly:

“Mama, when I am having a bad day, I just think of your guys’ love.”

When I stopped laughing at what a big fat dork he is, I sat down and had a good cry.

Seriously, what did I do to deserve this kid? He is awesome.

And to add to the full-on mommy brag assault of this post, he came home yesterday with a slip of paper in his bag saying he won a major good behavior award at school, and could we come to the awards ceremony on Thursday?

I guess he is entitled to have a bad day now and again.

Sniff sniff.

What things have your kids been saying lately to melt your heart?


P.S. 30 Days of Thanks
I am thankful I have good healthcare. Because many people in this country do not.

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  1. Tree

    Declan melts my heart, too.

    Although my not so little, little boy is sort of on the spaz, high energy side of things, he can be ultra sweet at times – and not in a manipulative way – but sincerely sweet. We had a discussion this morning on what “dudes” are and how they look and what they do. Maybe not a typical melt-your-heart moment, but awesome nevertheless.

  2. Sizzle

    that’s so darn cute!

    my nephew isn’t exactly speaking just yet but he did make me laugh so hard on Saturday. he saw all of us at the table laughing and he looked around and just got the biggest smile and threw his head back in a big laugh.

    so. darn. cute.

  3. Flower Child

    Can’t think of anything a child has said to me lately. But last night my husband said to me (after I had been not so nice to him) “I’m not chopped liver”. And I said “but I love chopped liver.” Who’s the kid here?

    and I too am also very thankful for my kick ass health insurance – because I know others have none.

  4. Nancy

    So sweet … OK, what did he want? *wink*

  5. Nanette

    That’s quite sweet!

  6. Nat

    Aren’t those moments just the best.

    The Boy had been out visiting his buddy, and he came home early and unexpectedly. I asked him why (usually he’s gone all day, I see him at meal time.)

    “Well, I was playing with L. and all of a sudden I really missed you, so I decided to come home.” (We then spent a few hours snuggled up on the couch. It rocked. I hardly get monster snuggles like that anymore.)

  7. Sarah Jackson

    Oh my gosh, that’s sweet. My little one says that she always carries us with her in her heart. Oh, and that her behind is a work of art. But that’s funny, not touching.

    Yay for kids and their sweet ways!

  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    blogapotamus… that is freaking adorable.

    Tree… N has a heart of gold. Talking about what Dudes are – now that’s cool!

    Sizzle – your nephew is also a world-class cutie.

    Flowerchild – I’m not chopped liver, LMAO!

    I Sass… We were always childfree before Declan, but when I heard stories, they blew me away!

    Nancy – I thought the same thing too! After I stopped crying, LOL.

    Merry – I burst out laughing at your comment. My cat is more like “FUCKINMEOOOOOOWWWWW!!”

    Nannette – Thanks!

    Nan – I know, snuggles are sometimes hard to come by. They rock. I feel guilty, but sometimes I like sicktime because it’s all about Mama Snuggle Time.

    Sarah – Behind as Art… I think I hear the MOMA calling! LMAO!

    Carrie – that is so sweet!!!

    Regina – I know, it’s hard to accept they will be little jerks sometimes. And of course I would never call him that to his face…but it’s cathartic to wrote it out sometimes!!! 🙂

  9. blogapotamus

    At the moment, it’s pretty much just “AaablllllbpNANGNANGNANG!” but it’s still pretty darned cute.

    Way to go on a groovy kid!

  10. L Sass

    That is so adorable! I live a pretty child-free existence, but it gives me the chills to hear things like this.

    Also, amen to the health care! That is definitely something to be thankful for!

  11. noble savage

    My daughter recently learned to give kisses but she does it really dramatically with a big ‘MWAH!’ which always cracks me up and warms my heart at the same time.

  12. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Blogger is seriously possessed today!!! Are posts coming on and offline for you guys with no rhyme or reason for you guys too????

  13. merrymishaps

    Mine just say “meow,” but I can tell they really mean it.

    And actually, sometimes it kinda sounds like “mama” …

  14. Anne

    Ok, I have to tell you Aimee that when I first checked your site about 20 minutes ago (you can check your stats… ha ha…I’m the one from the Tulsa area) this post was not there. I just checked back and here it was. I read through (smiling all the way as my heart was melting) and got to the bottom, I saw you had 17 comments and I thought, WOW!!! 17 comments in 20 minutes!?! This girl is BIG TIME!

    Which, of course, you are… but still, it would have been almost dooce-like, I think.

  15. Bryan

    Especially thankful after DS birth. Whew!

  16. carrie

    “You’re a good mama, Mama” has been circling around lately, and it stops me dead in my tracks each time I hear it.

    Damn hormones.

  17. chronicler

    What a sweetie. I love your 30 days of thanks idea!

  18. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Chronicler, thanks! But I can’t take credit – it was BoogieMum’s idea!

    And Anne, Blogger most definitely is POSSESSED!

  19. Mr Lady

    You should see the collection of those t-shirts we have laying around from that award. Way to go Declan!

  20. regina

    First, I had a “whew” moment when I read your reference to your “little jerk.” Sofia’s only 11 months and already has “little jerk” moments (albeit rarely), but I haven’t thought to put those words to it. You’ve empowered me! 🙂

    Most importantly though, my overwhelming reaction by the end of your post is:


    As for my little one, it’s the raspberries she blows – followed by her mischievous giggle – that melt my heart.

    (Glad to have stumbled your way via NaBloPoMo!)

  21. Amanda

    My youngest daughter has been looking at me with huge soulful eyes and saying “I la foo.” It’s been making me swoon, until yesterday when I realized it is her way of asking to give the dog a bisuit, “Ella food.”

    Sniff sniff.

  22. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Amanda – I just spit out my beer.

  23. samantha jo campen

    Now I’m all throat-lumpy!

  24. MB

    bug told me “you are my best mommy” today. i gave her a million dollars.

  25. Kelly

    Hannah to me: I love you, even when you’re cranky.

    Thank God they’re so forgiving.

  26. Queeny

    I need a spoon to scoop up that red blob that just oozed from my chest. I love those tender moments when kids seem so sane.

  27. Lisa

    “When I stopped laughing at what a big fat dork he is, I sat down and had a good cry.”

    This so sounds like something I would do. He’s a sweet kid. And wow at that good behavior award. Congratuls! You have every right to be proud.

  28. Kim

    Love when they say things like that! I go the “Mom, you are a good mom” one this week. I really needed to hear it too. Sometimes I think angels speak through our children.

  29. joansy

    In response to my husband telling himself to suck it up and be a man (a phrase which I hate, btw), Bella (5.5) just said “Daddy, you are not a girl and you should know that by now.” More of a silly than a sentimental moment, but I love it nonetheless.

    My favorite moment is when we are having some kind of tense moment and one of the kids calls out for a “group hug” and the four of us instantly do it.

  30. Lauren

    Gawd, he is so sweet!

  31. Nadine

    I’m coming over and hug him!! How sweet is he!

    Tim melted my heart today too, he said opa and oma for the very first time today! On the same day.

  32. Lynn

    What a sweet moment for you and Declan!!

    Occassionally,the girls will hug me and tell me I’m beautiful. Except that from S., it’s more like, “mama, you’re beefeeful”.

    either way, I love it!

  33. Smiler

    I’m with you on the health care thing. Here in Canada, we have universal health care of course and we spend our time complaining about the (lack of) quality in service but gosh darn it, at least we HAVE it. For free. Something to be grateful for sure.

  34. Much More Than A Mom

    How sweet! I can hardly wait to start hearing things like that. We got our first “loveyou” the other day and it made my month!

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