Mentoring is cool!

We are a finalist for a project with the health department that addresses low birth-weight babies among Latinas in Colorado. This is a subject area that we have never ventured into, mainly because we didn’t have anyone with the right background. But one of our younger staff did her masters in public health centered on sexual health. And she is Latina herself! So, we went for it. With her as the Project Lead. And we got to the final three.

We have spent the past week prepping for the interview today, and most of my time was spent coaching, pumping up and advising this young lady.. basically being an all-around cheerleader. The funny thing is she and I were exact matches on the DiSC profile, so I feel like I am talking to myself sometimes. But I could tell she really appreciated me taking the time to rah-rah her through the finish line… and I was amazed by how good it felt for me too.

Most of my direct staff are around my age, or even older, so they know their shit already. It has been seriosuly fun this week to help a person just starting their career take the next step.

Now let’s all cross our fingers that we actually win the contract!

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