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You guys cracked me up how willing you were to pitch in (just shy of pitch-forks) with taking Jenny down (um, virtually) yesterday. And we did, by the way. The zombie photo peaked at Explore #14, just shy of the Front Page. So, well done you creepy zombie lovers, you.


Now, on to more cute and lovey and non-undead stuff, OK?

About a month ago, I got an email from Boulder friend Micah (yes, the dude responsible for Follow Friday on Twitter) that said basically this: “Aimee meet Greg, Greg meet Aimee. I think you guys should meet.”

And meet we did! Not only because Greg has started a cool company called Lil Grams (Grams being short for Telegrams) but also because we are geeky and techy and health-ish and got all geeky and techy and health-ish over lunch here in Denver when Greg was in town one weekend.

Here’s the thing about Lil Grams. Had it been around when I started blogging, I might not have even started by blog. It’s about getting all though milestones noted and stored and recorded and available for all the people (cough, cough, Grandma) who want to see them. Go check it out, not just cause I like Greg so much – but the site is REALLY, VERY COOL too.

And you will see that YES, there is a small yearly fee for the service. But Greg is having the most fun seeing families buying them as GIFTS for each other. And I heard a little rumor there is a big holiday coming up.

AND YAY! To help you along these lines, Greg handed me a Free 1-Year Super Subscription to Give Away to you guys. Go ahead and comment here to enter as many times as you like (no anonymous entries) and I will pick the winner at random tomorrow!


Speaking of other cool things happening tomorrow, don’t forget come join us tomorrow over at the Motherhood!

Wed, October 28 at 1 pm ET: Amie Adams (Mammaloves) is leading a photography workshop with the incredibly talented Tracey Clark (Shutter Sisters), Angie Warren (The Creative Mama), Me Ra Koh … AND ME! (How did THAT happen?) We’re talking about our favorite techniques, approaches and perspectives. We’ll also be talking about taking creative photos for holiday cards. Join us for a fabulous conversation!


Feel free to go over now and start adding questions!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Sue at nobaddays

    LOVE THIS! Pick me, pick me, random generator! And thanks, Aimee!

  2. Bethany

    Very cool, that Lil Grams thingie… Thanks for the chance!

  3. Lawyer Mama

    Y’all exhaust me! (-; Just wish I were as cool as you, Tracie & Amie!

  4. monstergirlee

    here I am commenting away.
    Love love love the zombie photo! Cool about the explore!

  5. Megan

    ooh! Cute site, thanks!

  6. Brigid

    I know just who I would gift this to! (I so wish I were techie. Apparently not in this lifetime though.)

  7. Debbie E

    very kewl lil grams,,off to check that out,,how cool tho is the online world.Hooking up people from all over who would normally not have met. I love my flickr friends!!! You included!

  8. chloebear

    looks fun! crossing my fingers.

  9. Anonymous

    Pick me!!

    Jen Goldstein

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