My Zombies Are Going To Eat Jenny’s Brains

So, Jenny the Bloggess and I are about to have our first internet fight.

But hang on for that.

Have I ever mentioned that Halloween is my SECOND most favorite holiday? If you have been paying attention the past few years, you know that. My first favorite? You need to wait about a month till we kill a turkey.

But what I love about Halloween is the FUN. The costumes and laughing and the WEIRD. Sounds a bit like my husband.

So, after a month of being a Haunted House Widow while Bryan built a creepy castle extravaganza for Declan’s school carnival on Friday – I expected a quiet Saturday night. Bryan had other things in mind.

Do you know Danny Newman from here in Denver? He does that cool Contxts business card thingee – but his real claim to fame is the Denver Zombie Crawl. We have been meaning to go every year of its 4 years in existence but never made it. Till this Saturday night.

I almost didn’t bring my camera.

Till Bryan gave me that look.

You know that look.


He was right.





And people from the Crawl have been crawling my photostream even since I posted the pics late Saturday night.

So I wasn’t tooooooo surprised when I saw via Scout that this photo had hit Explore.


And also due to the fickle nature of Explore, I also wasn’t too surprised to see that it had already dropped out.

But what did surprise me, when I – on a whim – went to see what photo was there in my slot now – LOW AND BEHOLD, it was my friend JENNY.


And I want it back.

So visit THIS LINK and comment and fave the crap out my photo to push it back up in Explore and show Jenny that we won’t take this shit sitting down. I mean, for Pete’s sake. It’s a photo of two bloody zombies pointing the barrel of a gun at me. I think I can take Jenny with an “@” symbol down in my sleep. IN MY UNDEAD, BRAIN-EATING SLEEP.

Now get to it.

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  1. zipper

    that is HILARIOUS! and great pics.

  2. meg

    What a hoot! You go girls!

  3. Meghann

    As much as I love reading Jenny’s stuff.. .when the apocalypse comes, and we have to choose sides, I’ll pick yours. She may have the pharmaceuticals to give her an edge, but we’re both tall, so we can just beat her up and take them.

  4. chloebera

    i’m seriously pissed you didn’t call!! sounds like you had fun!

  5. Anonymous

    omg – hilarious! – m

  6. Jenny, the Bloggess

    Fine. I favorited it. But with *malice*.

  7. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Update: back into Explore at #75 as of 6:50pm. BWAA HAAA HAA HAAA.


  8. keli.h

    you are hysterically hysterical … and i am ALL over it like zombies on brains!

  9. The Casual Perfectionist

    Aimee, I was expecting to see Zombies in this post. Where are the photos of the Zombies? I just see regular ol’ Colorado folk. Looks like a typical Friday night on the 16th Street Mall to me.


  10. The Casual Perfectionist

    …or Saturday night. Whatever night that was. Ha.

  11. Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas

    Wow! You totally need to enter one of these in my Halloween photo contest this week!

  12. Kelly

    LMAO! ok!

  13. well read hostess


  14. Logical Libby

    Wow. I love a good fight. And Jenny is easy. At least, that’s what my husband said.

    Love the zombies. Here in Salt Lake people just thought it was lunch break for the “main employer.”

  15. Deb

    Fighting Jenny with Zombies? Now that’s a strategy!

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Explore #14. And then dropped like a hot potato. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted. 😉

  17. James

    I’m totally going next time. Great photos!

  18. Ashleigh


  19. Anonymous

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

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