No, actually, SCREW YOU, Chrysler

If you haven’t heard, Chrysler ran an print ad in several major newspapers thanking Americans for their recent bailout. First of all, we didn’t actually have a choice, and if we had a choice, the answer would most likely have been NO, but whatever. And seeing as, after they got government loans, they foolishly ran out and spent $200,000 per pop at the Wall Street Journal and USA Today and other places to thank us for bailing them out because they can’t run a profitable company in the first place – the answer I give them now is, “NO and FUCK YOU because you are an ASSHOLE.”

Hey Chrysler! Ever heard of this crazy thing called the internet? You could have run that stupid ad for free on your web site and not taken up hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to do it.

That’s my little tip from me to you.

The last time I posted about bailout issues, I thought I had spewed all I was going to. Apparently not.

Because these fatcats are taking our money and running with it. The CEO’s *ARE* getting their bonuses. They are throwing their parties. They are riding into DC via their jets to pick up their checks and laughing at us all while they do it. And an ad like this is just another slap in the face.

So, thanks, Chrysler. For reminding me why I will NEVER buy one of your cars.

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  1. Amber

    Hear, hear my dear. I was incredulous when I heard about this. I just hope their executives also remember to give themselves a big, hefty bonus as well.

  2. maggie's mind

    Unbelievable. Your response is well put.

  3. drop dead chris

    You rock. Excellent.

  4. Lost In Splendor

    I completely agree with you. The more I hear about the companies getting these bail outs the more it sickens me. Esp the banks who are supposed to be using their money to give people LOANS and then they try (I believe they were stopped) to buy a 50 MILLION dollar JET.

    It makes me sick.

  5. Lisa

    Well said, my dear!

  6. Sizzle

    I was listening to a story on this on NPR yesterday and was so disgusted.

  7. zipper


  8. Amy @ Milk Breath and Margaritas

    Ditto! Well done!

    Go Toyota!

  9. Anonymous

    what the FUCK????????

  10. Megan

    that is outrageous!!!

  11. Andrew

    I heard about that and about choked. I mean, fine if you want to thank us, but why spend so much? That is money to be spent on people’s JOBS!

  12. Meghann

    The one good thing out of all of this though, is that it is uniting people from both ends of the political spectrum. We may not agree on a lot of things, but THIS? This we agree on, wholeheartedly.

  13. Fayza

    Sick, sick, SICKENING. We could’ve done without the 200K thank you card. Vom.

  14. Every Day Goddess

    I love this post!! Screw all those companys that have mis-managed their money and now are doing it to our money! Can we just stop bailing the A-holes out!!!

  15. Becky


  16. Assertagirl

    Remind me never to piss you off, okay? (wink)

  17. Ashleigh

    Yeah. That is pretty f’d up!

  18. Heather Kennedy

    I’m speechless. It’s like if when I got my student loans and grants I went to the bar and threw a happy hour for all my friends or anyone who wandered in the bar and then complained about not being able to pay tuition. Ugh.

  19. Kelly

    And driving to said parties in their Mercedes’ and BMW’s.

  20. Denise Karis

    hey, i just clicked over from meras blog to yours and i am so glad you posted this! i think its so embarassing that america is going this way – i am sooooo pissed as well

  21. Becky

    So disgusting! Even Obama gave them a tongue lashing yesterday.

    Good for you! I’m never buying a Chrysler either. Not that I would have to begin with but now I’m REALLY not.

  22. Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree with you all more. -m

  23. Kristy - Where's My Damn Answer

    SO SO SO true. This shit is really pissing me off. Where’s the petition we can all sign to fire the people who are actually writing the bail out deals?

  24. Alison


  25. monstergirlee

    Good one Aimee! I so totally agree with you – just irritated the f’in’ hell out of me. What a slap in the face.

  26. meg manion silliker

    i just couldn’t have put it in better words. these people are creeps and you’re right they are laughing at us.

  27. ~Jamie

    Why on this earth would they EVER think that I would need to see that ad? How COULD they do that with the money I gave them? I feel like with the auto companies, they should have just done a better job spending their money in the first place,and we wouldn’t be in this firggin situation with them! It’s just all so frustrating!

  28. Jamie

    This just pisses me off! How do they sleep at night?

  29. Caffeinatrix

    Are you shittin’ me? Are these people complete morons? Instead of bailing those dumbass companies out, the money should have been put into high end job training programs and healthcare/mortgage assistance for folks that have lost or will be losing their jobs.

  30. Giyen

    you are spot on aimee. that is disgusting and shameful.

    it makes me feel like they are never going to get it.

  31. Aimee Greeblemonkey


    I love that word.

  32. Jessica

    Pffffttt! Omfg-wtf. Ridonkulous. Well put. Yes, yes, yes, why *didn’t* they just put it on their website?

  33. megan

    It kind of reminds me of those “thank you voters” signs you see after a bond issue passes. Maybe they could hang one at the stock exchange too. 🙂

  34. Lu

    Did you not just speak what tons of people are thinking? Every person on their marketing team should be freakin’ fired. What idiot puts out an ad for that much money? Idiots.

    I must get rid of my T&C as soon as humanly possible.

  35. Resident

    It’s insane. And I still think the government could have better stimulated the economy had they split that money and given it to all families across the US.

    It would still work out to thousands of dollars per person, and you can bet people would spend it to stimulate the economy.

    Far better than giving it to CEOs to spend, because you know they’ll spend it in a way to preserve their status in society.

  36. Mitch Ryan Anderson (aka "The Senator")

    SO SO SO true. This shit is really pissing me off. Where’s the petition we can all sign to fire the people who are actually writing the bail out deals?

    Kristy, it’s at

    Check it out, we’re using our means to put serious political pressure on those who support bailouts and other legislation like this. Help us take our country back!

  37. Oz

    Dude. You’d think they could’ve figured out a better way to spend that money. I know I could.

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