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We’ve been on a sushi kick lately. Declan loves him some Udon noodles.

*I* love sitting out on the patio on a lovely summer evening with my two favorite boys.

*And* Declan is trying to develop a signature. Presumably so he can start signing autographs? First he had us do ours on top and then he made up his below. (I wiped out ours in the photo in case you are that punk who stole my credit card yesterday and tried to buy a $300 cell phone with it. But anyone reading my blog would know to go after an iPhone and thus I’m sure not the thief loser we spent the afternoon dealing with yesterday!).

But, check out the very cool scrolly D that Little D is developing:

(Click to see larger image)

And notice how we got medium size stars and he got a ginormous star?

I guess that is for the Walk of Fame.

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  1. Anonymous

    too cute!

  2. Sizzle

    he is primed and ready for the big time.

    mmm sushi!

    (that totally blows about the credit card thief. bastard.)

  3. g-man

    I love sushi too. Yum.

    Bummer on the card, may he(she) be tormented a thousand years having to listen to “Can you hear me now?”

  4. tmrperry

    Mia started this recently, too! I wonder what the allure of cursive is?

  5. Sarah

    Love the worm-like noodles!

  6. zenrain

    yeah, sorry about your credit card…

  7. Wack-A-Do

    I’m sorry about your credit card woes. Sometimes people suck!

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