Now for something lighter… Jeff Vader and Toilet Spritzing

I need a mood lifter, how ’bout you?

First, I know most of you have probably seen this, but my friend Ambassador shocked me this week when he said he hadn’t, so: If you *have* seen it, watch it again because, really, it gets funnier every. single. time. And if you haven’t seen it, get ready to fall head over heals for Eddie Izzard.

Second, Amy, I acquiesce to your eloquent plea. I visited the Merc and spritzed my hands. I shall be buying a funky toilet sprayer! AND THEREBY WILL BE SAVING THE WORLD. Bwaa haa haa. But whenever people freak out trying to use the damn thing – I am giving them your home phone number.

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  1. SP

    I must live under a rock. I have never seen that Lego Star Wars thing. But Oh I love it! I’ve watched it about 9 times this morning. What a great way to start my Friday.

  2. Kendra

    OMG that was absolutely awesome. Sitting here bored out of my mind and came back here to watch the video…sooo glad I did. 🙂

  3. Sizzle

    i’d never seen it either! thanks for posting it. 😉

  4. Mayberry

    That thing is nifty. I agree, Amy’s post was very convincing!

  5. Autumn

    LMAO! I love Eddie Izzard. I hadn’t seen that though, it was great. Sorry about spelling your name wrong.. I’m an idiot. Please pass along your award. 🙂

  6. Tree

    I freaking love the jeff vader lego skit. Freaking hilarious.

    I am sending to my dh!

  7. zenrain

    i am so excited you will be getting one of those for your toilet! it’s the perfect solution for the downstairs bathroom!! how exciting 😉

  8. Anonymous

    that was perfect for my Friday!

  9. Ali

    i’m blown away by the sink/toilet combo. almost as much as i’m baffled by this:

  10. Ali

    i don’t know why that didn’t work..

    anyway, google TwoDaLoo

  11. zipper

    both of those rock.

  12. villanovababy

    okay, first of all BWAHAHAAAAAAA at the Star Wars thing. I immediately forwarded it to Tim who proclaimed that, “Eddie Izzard is f***ing hysterical…” and now that you’re saving the world with the super fantastic eco toily, I hereby salute you. You rawk sawks. It’s official.

  13. Catherine

    I think I’ll need to take a field trip to the Merc. But I wonder, how much space do you need around your toilet to make this thing useful?

  14. Sarah O.

    I heart Eddie Izzard!

  15. Lisa

    OMG that’s funny!! I can’t believe I’ve never seen that being such the Star Wars whore that I am. Thanks for posting it!!

  16. Anonymous

    eddie izzard is awesome. and that toilet thing is weird!

  17. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    SJC, maybe that’s where I saw it first, I am not even sure. It’s so ingrained in my psyche now. 😉

  18. Emily

    LOL! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched/listened to Eddie’s “Deathstar Canteen” bit (and laughed my ass off each time), but this was the first time I’d seen the Lego clip. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Janet

    those toilets are soooooooo 1990s Japan, sigh…

    OMG that lego thing was brilliant!

  20. Lauren

    That was hilarious!

  21. samantha jo campen

    I had that up on my site a few weeks ago and still watch it whenever I need a smile.

    “You’ll need a tray!”

  22. imaginary binky

    I am insane for Eddie Izzard. How could I have missed this?!
    *begins self-flagellation*

    Also, that toilet is darn cool. What will those hippies think of next? Ha!

  23. missy wiggins

    i made a lot of people look at that video! hilarious!

  24. Colleen

    It’s so funny you posted this. We’ve been researching those toilet lit sinks too. Our one bathroom downstairs is just a closet with a toilet… we call it our outhouse and decorated it appropriately. When we use that bathroom we have to wash our hands in the kitchen sink. I think Amy has convinced me to go ahead with the little odd sink!

  25. Sandy C.

    I’ve never seen that clip of lego Vador! LOL!

    That toilet seems very Japanese….

  26. painted maypole

    that is very funny. have you seen the website that is the bible done in legos? it is a HOOT

  27. Amy

    I love how the Japanese are so ahead of us eco-speaking. Well, lots of places are so ahead of us. Anyway, no reason to not get the toilet sink. Have you gotten it yet? And my phone number is 1-800-Save-The-World! Ha! 😉

  28. ReesePie

    I just found you today, and nearly peed my own couch watching Jeff Vader. That’s fantastic!

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