On our way back from lunch…

Listening to NPR and an interview with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, (who was pretty interesting to listen to, by the way)…

Bryan: “Oh, did you know – there was an ad for Ann Coulter ringtones on your blog the other day?”

Aimee: “What?!”

Bryan: “Not kidding.”

Aimee: “But I thought it was supposed to be smart about the content.”

Bryan: “It was. You talked about her on your blog.”

Aimee: …stunned silence

Bryan: “I clicked through and bought two of them. She has a hot voice.”

Aimee: …angry stunned silence

Bryan: “I also bought a few bumper stickers.”

Aimee: ….ears turning red

Bryan: “Don’t worry, I’ll put them on your car at night.”

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  1. Tree

    First of all, I (heart) Huckabee. Bwahahaha

    Seriously, though, I do. He is very down to earth and has done a lot of good things for Arkansas. I think he could appeal to both sides of the aisle. Hopefully, NPR will rerun part of the interview the rest of this week.

    And freaking Bryan. He funny.

  2. Tanaya

    He’s got YOUR number!

  3. aimee / greeblemonkey

    I know. I was totally cracking up after.

  4. joansy

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  5. joansy

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  6. g-man

    Too funny. As we say around the office “He got yo azzz”

  7. Monkee

    I have that same problem with Hillary Clinton ads. I hate Hillary Clinton.

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