One More Rant on Economics And Then I Will Let You Get Back To Your Voting

I received some fairly nasty correspondence lately over some of my recent Obama posts, and seeing as I don’t usually rate getting hate mail, I was pretty proud of myself. The other result was my Inner Bitch has been scratching and clawing at my rib cage, and folks – that shit hurts.

The gist of the commentary was that I was stupid and a socialist for agreeing with Obama’s economic policies. That it’s the American dream to work hard and get rich.

NOW. I am all for working hard and getting your due.

But, really. Let’s break it down. 95% of the country make less than $250,000 per year. And of that 5% – there is an even smaller number that hit the precious 5 million a year mark that John McCain considers “rich.” And sure, while a great many of those people work hard, how many of them inherit their money like John McCain’s wife did? Now from importing BELGIAN beer, no less? How many of them went to college because it was a family legacy, like both Bush and McCain? How many of them didn’t get kicked out of the Navy after crashing 2 planes just because their grandfather was Admiral McCain? ON AND ON AND ON.

My point is, the rich have advantages to keep themselves rich. The poor have disadvantages that keep themselves poor.

Both candidates have a progressive tax system. THIS IS NOT SOCIALISM. It is killing me that people are acting like we’re all gonna be owning some collective cow. Give me a break. Do some reading.

And here’s the thing. I had an epiphany in the shower. (That’s where all good epiphanies happen.)

It’s like the lottery for these people, eh?

They hear McCain talk about the American Dream and the Promised Land, and they REALLY think that someone like Joe the Fucking Moron Plumber could enter that world. Holy Jesus, above, that Joe Guy! He could enter that 5 Million Dollar Club. Maybe, so could I! And they are grasping and squeezing and clutching that ticket between their sweaty fingers and praying with all their might.

Well, let me tell you something, my friends.


Joe the Plumber is an idiot who didn’t pay his taxes and isn’t even properly licensed to work as a plumber. He is talking out of his ass about shit he doesn’t understand and making grand accusations that are false, hurtful and ridiculous. He is getting attention and money and fame not for his hard work, but for his hard head.

That, my friends, is not the American Dream. That is the American Nightmare.

You all go get ’em today.

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  1. daisybones

    Thank you! Well put. I’m Daisy the Blogger, and I support this message.

  2. the new girl

    I love this post. I LAUGH AND LAUGH when someone goes on and on about Socialism in America.

    Our school system?


    (Holy hell, we’re all going to be waiting in bread lines, aaaaany day now.) Gimme a break.

  3. zipper

    right on.

  4. cryitout

    I think I am in love now — like crazy, stand outside your window in the rain love. Well done! Happy E Day!

  5. Sizzle

    Firstly, I love you.

    Secondly, this: “Give me a break. Do some reading.” made me crack up.

    Damn straight!

  6. Dagny

    The idea of a meritocracy in the US is a myth. Many of the wealthy have inherited their money. You can work your fingers to the bone but you will never achieve that kind of wealth for the most part. I think folks are finally starting to wake up and smell the coffee. Well, except for those who sent you hate mail.

  7. Ms. Maxwell

    Aimee for President! In 2016!

  8. BethanyWD

    Great post, Aimee!

  9. amy

    Well said. Let’s just hope America puts its game face on straight today and votes the “yes we can” way!

  10. Every Day Goddess

    I think your post have all been great, well spoken. It is your opinion so why can’t they just agree to disagree, does it always have to come down to hateful things said to one another.

  11. Lisa

    Also Joe the stupid plant/plumber doesn’t want to be a plumber. He’s trying to get a Nashville recording contract

  12. mothergoosemouse

    We absolutely do have a mixed economy, and it’s fallacious for anyone to characterize it as purely capitalist.

    I do want to correct one point – legacies, in and of themselves, do not have any bearing on appointments to service academies.

  13. Trish

    Hear hear.

    It’s already Wednesday morning here in Australia, so the Election’s over. Obama won, in a landslide, and McCain even lost Arizona.

    Woo Hoo!!!!!

  14. Hip Mom's Guide

    No, no, Aimee, don’t hold back. Tell us what you’re thinking, please!! 🙂 “You all go get ’em today.” I love it. And I voted, don’t worry.

  15. Beckie

    First of all I voted. Second – I totally agree with you.

  16. ~Shiona~

    I agree with this post. Perhaps those people going on record and making comments would be better served trying to help out their candidate.

    Happy Election Day

  17. Ambassador

    Aimee –

    There is a time and place for the F-Bomb.

    Your post shows judicious use of the word and its derivatives. Sometimes, fuck is the only thing to say.

    Oh, and you were sooooo close to typing “Y’all get out there…” at the end of your post. Just saying…


  18. Wenderina

    Thank you for saying this. So totally true and so well-said!

  19. WiredMonkey

    Great post Aimee! The dropping of the word “Socialist” drives me nuts too. Living in Texas, where 99.9% of the people (okay, that’s a fib, but it often feels that way) are died-in-the-wool Republicans makes it even tougher. I really love it when someone, like the guy I overheard at the store yesterday, says “I don’t work my ass off just so Obama can go and give that money to some Welfare guy.” I was only drawing from what I could see, but I’m pretty sure that man did not make more than 250k a year. I’m pretty sure he didn’t see the sunny side of a 100k. So, he’d be getting that “welfare” break himself. That statement by that man was so full of “wrong” that I didn’t even know where to begin. So I drew blood on my tongue instead…

    Anyway…sorry for the rant in your comments. Way to go!! Woo hoo!! I got my vote in, and I hope all the others go out and voice their opinions, whether they are like mine or not.

  20. Bridge

    haapy election day here in Colorado! our work will go rewarded!!!!!!!!!

  21. Steph

    AMEN! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep on saying it like it is!

  22. carrie

    Just wanted to give you a great big giant HIGH FIVE!!!!

  23. Becky

    we did it! WE REALLY DID IT!

    Be proud of all your hard work!!!

  24. painted maypole

    We “got ’em!”


  25. Opus #6

    Robbing peter to pay paul is a way to get paul’s vote.

  26. Sissy

    I’m with you. Idiots who throw out the Socialist word don’t even know what that means. It’s just something they heard someone they admire say so they repeat like a damn parrot. I cannot discuss politics with my friends. Mainly because they are wrong 🙂 But I love being able to talk shit about them on someone’s blog comments! Thanks for the opportunity. I’m lovin’ your blog.

  27. Amy

    Well said!

  28. C.

    Very funny post. Can’t agree more with the misuse of the word socialism, and while I’m at it, can we please give people definitions o the following: communism, feminism, activism, dictatorships and…yup that’s all or now.

  29. lupingirl

    Thank you! Very well said – I hate the “socialist” smear for all these reasons.

  30. mamagnome

    Aimee, this is great and I had to comment, even belatedly. I am living in France right now and had to laugh at the American idea of a socialist as basically anyone who thinks that the government should even consider providing a social service or two. Not that those people would visit France, but they should.

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