PETA has lost their ever-lovin’ minds.

When the guys at work forwarded this news article around, I thought it was a joke. I thought it was The Onion. Then I thought PETA was high on mice formaldehyde.

Seriously? PETA is MAD at the president for swatting a FLY? I am ALL about protecting animals from cruelty, but all this does is discredit their other good work. Making them look like idiots. Freaky, freaky, idiotic idiots.

And all it does it make Obama look more presidential. I mean, come on. He gave the fly a warning. And then he took serious, decisive action. Himself. He didn’t send in troops to do his dirty work. He killed that damn fly himself. With his own hands.

When diplomacy fails, our president is not afraid to use his might.

Take that, PETA.

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  1. Anonymous

    I know!! Come on!! So stupid. – m

  2. samantha jo campen

    OMG I saw that video yesterday but had no CLUE PETA was all up in arms over it.

    It’s like them re-naming fish ‘sea kittens’–they are out of their ever lovin’ minds.

  3. Paul

    WTF is the world coming to? Next thing you know you won’t be allowed take medication because you’ve got to protect the microbes, virii and single celled organisms!

    Actually with that in mind we’d all best learn to levitate…

  4. blissfully caffeinated

    This is what turns so many people off of PETA. Ridiculous.

  5. zipper

    Not to mention, a fly only lives like 20 days on average. Maybe Obama was doing the fly a favor.

  6. Anonymous

    Is a fly even considered an animal? Where does the line cross?

  7. Meghann

    Yes, insects are classified under the animal kingdom. So are fire ants and roaches. I’d like to see PETA trying to defend the lives of those.

  8. thecheekofgod

    Kill ’em dead, I say . . .

  9. The Bug

    This made me LOL – thanks!

  10. Sizzle

    I just saw this on Twitter. WTF? That’s so lame. I mean sorry little fly but LATER!

  11. Clifton

    Hey PETA,
    How many flies do you think you’ll kill during your drive home tonight? ’nuff said.

  12. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Clifton, I just LOLed.

  13. John McCain

    I told you I should be President.

  14. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    John – I wouldn’t go that far. 😉

  15. Angela

    I think their premise was Obama’s attitude, that he was happily killing the fly. Not that I really agree – I just think that is what they were upset about.

  16. mamabirdsblog

    Glad you posted this. So hilarious! What’s next, a boycott on fly-swatters?

    I think there would’ve been a much louder and MORE obnoxious protest however, would it have been John, “the war criminal” who killed the fly. Uggggghh. Can you imagine? Flies would be compared to Iraqi children, fly-swatters to WMD, etc., etc.

    Thanks for the entertainment, PETA!

  17. laughingatchaos

    Don’t mess with the leader of the free world.

  18. Missy

    I’ve never been a fan of PETA. This just reaffirms my dislike for them.
    Not to say they have never done anything good, but I think they have gone overboard many times on animal right’s issues.

  19. well read hostess

    Never mind the people in this country and around the world who aren’t treated ethically, let’s spend our energy and resources on a disease-carrying insect.

  20. Darth Vader

    Just saw this on Facebook. This with the Pike’s Place throwing of DEAD fish being inappropriate since it “treats them like toys” at a vet convention….shaking my head.

    Whacky. Attention whores. Economy must be hitting them hard.

  21. Adam

    If I remember correctly, PETA is only against *people* harming animals, they don’t really care about one animal harming another. (The latter bit makes enough sense to me…) Something about letting nature take its course, and stuff.

    Have they forgotten that humans are animals too? And that we’re effing superior to flies? Did cavemen not swat flies? What about horses swatting flies away with their tails? How is that any different?

    To me, this reeks of attention-whore-ism.

  22. Smiling, Beguiling

    PETA lost their minds a long time ago… one of their latest hijinks was to protest a Veterinary conference b/c the the Seattle Pike Place Market fish “throwers” had been invited, and obviously, throwing DEAD fish is cruel & inhumane.

    So so so stupid.

  23. Jasmine

    Bah! Hahaha! That is too funny!

  24. Bryan

    Maybe it was a terrorist “bug”

  25. EatPlayLove

    I believe the President should have a personal assistant just to sweep his path so he doesn’t harm any living creatures. Bwah, ha, ha!

  26. Creative Captures Photoart

    i’m fowarding this to everyone I know! 😀

  27. Christy

    I think they’re all a little off balance in that organization–seriously. I mean cruelty to animals is one thing, but getting all crazy over swatting a fly is just stupid.

  28. Becky

    You know as soon as I saw this video I said to myself, “I bet money PETA will have something to say about this…”

    GO OBAMA! Just reason #254 why I love him!

  29. Sarah Long

    I also feel that it discredits their other good works… :o/

    I laughed out loud at this post btw. ♥

  30. Visty

    PETA needs a decent front group, so they can put all the wackaloons in a smaller cell group. Maybe they can draw the line right at birds, and all the insects, fish, and soybeans can be mourned by the wackaloons.

  31. Ms Batman

    Have you heard that PETA is all up in arms over the Pike Place fish market in Seattle for throwing fish. Mind you the fish are dead and gutted and going to be sold for dinner. PETA compared it to showing up at your grandmother’s funeral and throwing her dead body around for entertainment.

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