Photographing My First Wedding

The new 1 gig memory card I picked up last week came in handy, because I shot literally hundreds of photos at my friend/coworker’s wedding on Saturday. I played photographer for them as my gift for their big event.

I think I did pretty well for an amateur. Except somehow I missed getting “the kiss” during the ceremony. I felt like a total heel, but they were totally understanding. Whew. They reenacted it later, but I almost missed it the second time too, because I was laughing so hard watching them literally make out in front of me. Ahhh, those crazy newlyweds.

Of course, they pretty much negated the “gift” aspect of it all by handing me a nice gift card to a local restaurant as we headed out the door last night. Sigh…

Congratulations Chris & Denise!

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