Pocketfuls of Friends

We all have different friends in different places, don’t we? And they may or may not mix. Like the old work friends may overlap with the new work friends and some online friends know the IRL friends… and all of this depends on your personal, private boundaries, anyway, right? Of which I have very little so a lot of my pockets have rubbed together at various times in my life. Like how my very best friend in the world, Danielle, knows many of my other friends – and the other friends often ask how Danielle’s son is. By name.

I have one special pocket that I actually met online, but not by the standard we we all seem to know each other now – meaning through blogs or twitter. I met these three ladies OLD SCHOOL – as in message boards. Right around the time we were all pregnant with our first children – and now two of the four have had two more.

Over the last nine years, we have stayed close. Although, in some ways it was easy. I grew up where Christina lives and I now live where Teresa grew up. Anne and Teresa are around the way from each other. So basically, we stumble upon each other in real life in addition to the purposeful communications we look for online.

And occasionally, we manage to ALL be together. In one place. In one time.

This past September, my friends came here to Denver, to me, and we had a lovely weekend tromping around the foothills and then spending the night downtown, kicking around with 20-somethings in the clubs (and feeling quite old).

The main point, of course, was the time.




We’re all so different and yet the same. I am the most crass but the most liberal. Christina and Teresa often tie for most thoughtful. Anne has a quiet, dry sense of humor that whips out and surprises the heck out of you.

I can’t think of anything in the world I wouldn’t tell these women, and the best part is I know they would support me.

Right now Anne is the one who needs us, because her mother is very sick. Mom may not be with us much longer – but the beautiful part is we all thought that same thing this time last year. She has had a whole last year to be with her family, and see her grandchildren have another birthday.

It’s especially emotional for me to feel Anne’s pain because my mother has her first cancer appointment in just a few weeks. This time of life is so hard. Where we need to be caretaker for two generations, where we are split between the two – and want to make it better for everybody.

Through it all, I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for all our friends.

I tuck them in my pockets, and feel safe.

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  1. Megan

    wow, Aimee. lovely.thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes to Anne’s mom.

  2. Meghann

    Meeting people on message boards is really cool. 😉

    Some of the best friends I have are ones I met on Babycenter many, many, many moons ago.

  3. Mary

    Now that my children are grown, I will have to say that I still have that group of friends who all had kids around the same time. There is just something about that time of life that opens you up to new people and makes you vulnerable as you try to figure out how to do that whole parenting thing. It is good to do “mom-ing” with other good women!

  4. Zipper

    Great post Aimee. So true.

  5. Angelina

    Oh, that is so touching. So sorry for Anne – hope things go OK.

  6. chloebear

    It was nice you “opened” up your pockets so i could meet these wonderful women. Thank you.

  7. Sam

    Friends make so much worthwhile. I’m glad you have such good ones.

  8. Laurie

    This is beautiful, Aimee. I think “friends” is the area where my life is currently working really well and it’s a good thing because it really helps when all of the other stuff falls apart. I’m so happy you all had that time together too.

  9. Bethany

    Love this post. Beautiful.

  10. susan

    Aimee – What a beautiful post. I so appreciate all the friends in my life and all the ways I have met them. So sorry to hear about Anne’s mom and your mom. My dad was diagnosed with cancer last spring and passed away within a month. What you said is so true – it’s a very difficult time in life being caretakers to two generations. Thoughts and hugs your way for your mom. Take care

  11. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Thanks for all your kind words, everyone. HUGS.

  12. zenrain

    Beautiful, beautiful…

  13. Magpie

    Sweet post.
    I’m friends with people from my infertility board, and even with people that my sister met on her pregnancy board. Funny how bonds are formed.

  14. Tree

    I love this and I love all of you, Aimee.

  15. Leigh

    Lovely post. Thanks for loving my sister….for caring about our mother…thank you.

  16. kristin

    gorgeous women captured beautifully by a friend. i wish i had a photo of me that was half as pretty.

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