Really. I’m Not A Prude.

So, I have an awesome neighbor across the street. I never see her because she splits life and work between here and Texas, but she is awesome nonetheless. She comes to our parties en route to client meetups with trays of food, and has huge (I mean, like taller than her) blowup pumpkins on her porch over Halloween. Plus, I always get these funny little emails about the goings-on around the neighborhood.

My favorite lately?

“OK. WHO in our neighborhood would think it is appropriate to name their broadband connection “Blowjobs Available” – ??? Although hilarious, there are kids connecting to the internet around here!!!”

After I stopped laughing, I replied:

“That must be just on YOUR slutty side of the street – because that does NOT come up on my list of possible connections.”

But, you know what? What the hell?

Clearly I have a potty mouth and love to joke as much as the rest of them. Maybe not so much about blowjobs, much to the chagrin of my husband, but still – I AM NO PRUDE.

My friend is right! What the fuck? Let’s leave the cursing and sex talk where it belongs!

On my blog.

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  1. monstergirlee

    Uh Yeah! ROFL!
    However I’m not interested in explaining that one to my 7 yr old. Yet.

  2. Julie Artz

    That’s it! I’m changing the name of our wireless network. LOL. Funny!

  3. Meghann

    There’s a picture floating around the internet that shows someone’s neighbor named their connection “We can hear you having sex” LOL!

  4. zipper


  5. Anonymous

    Right on! – m

  6. Ally B

    I live on a block with mostly college students, so, needless to say, that WiFi network is very tame compared to the ones on my block. 🙂 It’s always interesting when a new group moves in to see what they’ll choose…

  7. Jules

    Thanks for the “awesome neighbor” comment and the funny blog. I think you guys are pretty awesome too. While I appreciate the creativity associated with the naming of a broadband connection as much as the next guy I was always under the assumption that ad placement for sexual favors belonged on Craigslist! Silly me.

  8. Rachel Carlson

    HA. oops, and i had coffee in my mouth whilst reading that one!

  9. fidget

    you know what I’m betting? Someone’s teen set up their network and they really have no idea that their connection is named BJs available, ROFL

  10. Laura

    I’m going to have to side with Fidget on this one. I’ll bet a 15-year-old set up that network!

  11. dawn

    dear gawd……so much thanks for the laugh today aimee. i really needed it.

  12. Ashlie- Mommycosm

    That’s HILARIOUS! And totally something my neighbor would do.

  13. Angie

    I just spit my drink out.

  14. Rachel

    Can’t believe it!

    Now I want to come up with something clever ( & clean) for the husband to change it to.

  15. Kelly

    OMG that is HILARIOUS!
    That made my day..really. 🙂

  16. thatgirlblogs

    amen. now tell me where those B-jobs are available, because they sure aren’t at my address and I’m sure my DH would love to know.

  17. Kellen


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