Rough in the Morning

I have said many times that Bryan is not a morning person.

Apparently, neither am I.

7:15am, Aimee is fast asleep

Bryan: Aim. It’s 7:15. You need to get up.

Aimee: [low growl]

Bryan: No really. I’ve gotta get to the office. It’s 7:15am. Time to get up.

Aimee: [scarier low growl]

Bryan: Have I mentioned that I learned a new language? It sounds like English, but it means different things. Like, did you know that “Time to get up” actually means “I love you and you are scaring me.”

Aimee: [mooooooaaaaaaaannn.]

Bryan: And “I’ve gotta get to the office” means “What kind of animal have you turned into and what did you do to my wife?”

Aimee: [growl turning into a giggle]

Bryan: And “What did you do to my wife?” really means “Can you pull out that scary growl later tonight after Declan goes to bed? Cause it’s kinda hot. For a scary shewolf who is totally late for work, that is.”

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  1. zipper

    I bet you are a total shewolf in the morning.

  2. EatPlayLove

    I lounge in bed while my hubby does the morning thing with the girls, it’s their quality time and mine as well. Next year when we have to be to school in the am is going to kick my ass.

  3. Sizzle

    At least there is comedy. It usually saves the day. 🙂

  4. Tree

    I love Bryan. Need to find a way to bottle that humor and sell it.

  5. Anonymous

    he is a doll.

  6. Becky

    LOL! That was great!!! You guys have a great relationship…

  7. Megan

    I am CRAZY in the morning.

  8. Melly

    I think we were separated at birth.

    This is awesome.

  9. creative-type dad

    In this instance, being late to work is perfectly fine.

  10. Karly

    I love Bryan. He sounds fun. 🙂

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