See Yas!

Bryan is in Utah by now and Declan and I have an early early early flight to Maryland tomorrow morning.

But don’t worry!

My mom has broadband.

P.S. How can Bryan fit an entire month’s gear into one small backpack if he needs to, and I can’t get the junk of a 4-day weekend for myself and the boy into less than 3 bags? (OK, to be fair, one of those bags *is* his carseat. But STILL.).

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  1. zenrain

    Have a great trip! Hi to your family from me…

  2. Lil Sis'

    Hope u pack summer clothes cuz its gonna be like 95 degrees here… no chance of snow— and you’ll love the humidity that has already started. Already time for AC just as the electricity bill goes up 50%. Cant wait to see you!! Love you safe travels although I think you alreasy left. xoxox

  3. Stacy

    Have a GREAT time!! Love to the family!!

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