Since I am a Mo-Mo, let’s try a Geography Quiz!

If you were paying attention yesterday, you saw what a true idiot I can be. See, when I posted that photo of my new BFF, Isaac Slade, I didn’t pay attention to the file name, which clearly said: … ISAAC. SLADE.

I am bringing this up because nothing makes me laugh more than: Me! Especially: ME being a DUFUS!

So, while I will totally honor my Mix CD commitment to my other new BFF, Anonymous, I figured I would give you all a chance to get in on the action.

The first three commenters to answer these questions about my background will get a Mix CD each! And please, even if you know all three answers only answer one so we can spread the love.

And Bryan, you are banned from the contest. Not that you’d want a mix CD from me anyway.


1. What state did I grow up in?

2. What state did I attend college in?

3. What country is my family originally from?


Let’s see if this goes a little better than yesterday.

And remember, a mix CD from Greeblemonkey is absolutely, positively, assuredly going to contain a song from Crowded House. And, OK, The Fray, too.

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  1. sue

    Seeing as I haven’t “known” you for very long … I’m going to have to pass, but I’m sure the mix is wonderful and will go to a worthy person. 🙂

  2. Sharon

    1. What state did I grow up in? Maryland – Go terps!

    2. What state did I attend college in? FL

    3. What country is my family originally from? Germany!!

  3. MichelleB

    I think your family is originally from Germany.

  4. Sharon

    Eeeekkk!! Sorry – I didn’t read your request to only answer one!! Too eager to cream the competition and WIN!!! Sorry Aimee!!

  5. Lil Sis'

    I don’t think i can play this game… not fair…… although your mixes are some of my favorites!! Love you-xoxox

  6. Gwen


    Easy, easy!!!
    Well, I have known you for 20 years!

  7. Gwen

    I got too excited and answered all 3!
    Guess I am a “Mo-Mo”, too!
    (Whatever the heck that is!)

  8. monstergirlee


  9. monstergirlee

    I’m pretty sure two out of three of those are right.

  10. nutmeg

    I laughed so hard when I read painted maypole’s comment yesterday. Will you be my best friend?

  11. aimee / greeblemonkey

    CD 1 to Crabapple! And welcome Crabapple!

    CD 2 to Maypole!

    CD 3 to Sharon (the overachiever)!

    Yes, I grew up in Maryland, went to college in Florida and my mom’s family is from Germany!

    Winners email me where you want the CDs sent! aimee at greeblemonkey dot com

    The rest of you continue laughing at me from yesterday.

  12. zenrain

    i wish i had a computer at work so i could have answered… you should do a weekly contest 😉

  13. crabapple

    You grew up in Maryland, beautiful Maryland.

  14. painted maypole

    You went to college in Florida (I love the archives! Hooray! And now I know why you call it greeblemonkey!) Looking forward to some new music!

  15. Mamalicious

    i typed it all without seeing if i was first

  16. mamalicious

    WAIT A DARN MINUTE. Ever the teacher, I think that crabapple and maypole did NOT answer all three! They only answered one! Hey! I’m a rule follower! I don’t even care about the CD. I just want to win!!!

  17. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Melissa, you are a mo-mo too. Reread the post. 😉

    P.S. I say that with love. And laughter.

  18. aimee / greeblemonkey

    And Marabeth – good idea!!! But maybe once a month.

  19. Mayberrys

    Hey, if I know the name of the college, do I get a CD too???

  20. Catherine

    I have come to the conclusion that I can’t read you at work. I thought it was a fluke the first time, but I’ve since realized that I just can’t comment! Very frustrating! Especially when I, too, knew the answers!!

  21. carrie

    You are too funny!

  22. soccer mom in denial

    DANG – I never get here in time for a cool prize. Ack.

    And I have a small beef with you that I can’t easily find your past posts. I wanted to link to that very Crowded House piece the other day and could find it. Because it is one of my favorites.

    And now I know you grew up in MD. I’m taking the kids to visit a friend in Baltimore next month. And trying to figure out how to get a shirt that says “Harper’s Choice, MD”.

  23. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Pssst, Crabapple… email me your address!!

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