Smorgasbord of Fun

Things have been nuts lately. Literally nuts.

I am not complaining, because it’s all been Crazy Sexy Cool Awesome (with capitals), but I just need to do a catch-all post to get you up to date with our merrymaking.


1. Sushi on Friday night.
Declan just loves it. I can’t explain it, but I thank god (without capitals) literally every day that we have this kid who will try everything and loves most things. He is especially fond of miso soup, shrimp tempura and salmon sushi. When he tasted my California roll and asked what the orange gelly balls on top were, Bryan and I both answered at exactly the same time: “Roe.” Because, picky or not, “fish eggs” might not have gone over so well.


2. Outlaws Lacrosse on Saturday Night.

Again, Declan just loves it. Again, I can’t explain it, but this seems to be the sport our kid is gravitating to. OK, maybe because he dad played in lacrosse in high school – but there you have it. We met James from work and his mom at Mile High Stadium (where the Broncos play), got there in time for “bandanna night” which Declan promptly asked me to tie ’round his head, and managed to find a cotton candy vendor which made both Declan and I very happy. Declan also loved that he got to use his loud voice – very very very loud.


2. The Police on Sunday Night.

We were mourning the loss of Stacie, but I was so glad that Danielle was able to get off work early and join us. BECAUSE THE POLICE WERE AWESOME!

They opened with Message in a Bottle and just kept playing all the hits. Seriously, they played everything. I can’t find the exact set list yet from last night (will update this when I do)… but this one is close:

Message in a Bottle
Synchronicity II
Spirits in the Material World
Voices Inside My Head
Don’t Stand So Close to Me
Driven to Tears
Walking on the Moon
Truth Hits Everybody
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Wrapped Around Your Finger
The Bed’s Too Big Without You
Murder by Numbers
De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
Invisible Sun
Walking in Your Footsteps
Can’t Stand Losing You

First Encore:
King of Pain
So Lonely

Second Encore:
Every Breath You Take
Next to You

Except we got a 3rd encore and I am completely spacing as to what the 3rd encore song was!!! I was just that overwhelmed by that point.

We danced our asses off. BUT! We were lucky to have a group of dudes behind us who were totally INTO IT, refused to sit, and were obviously were reliving their high school rock fantasies because they went nuts whenever Andy did his guitar masturbation. Everyone else in our section were old farts sitting on their ass until the boys played Roxanne and THEN they finally got up and swayed a little. Whatever.

My throat hurts from screaming.

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  1. creative-type dad

    WOW – the Police…

    I’m jealous.

  2. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Hi! It really was this long-held dream, finally fulfilled. As dumb as that sounds.

  3. Heather

    I have to say I liked watching my stepson play lacrosse WAY better than baseball. The game moves fast and there is a time limit 🙂 You know, around here lacrosse is king.

    My girls like sushi as well, I have Gman to thank for that–expensive habit.

  4. Mayberry

    Wow–SOME weekend! Police concert sounds amazing!

  5. aimee / greeblemonkey

    The funny thing is, there was also time with Jeff and Danielle and a BBQ over at Tim and Rachel’s that I completely forgot to mention! It’s been OUT OF CONTROL FUN!

  6. Brenda

    The Police, WOW! I keep running into people that went to the concert. My nephew Diego took his mom to the concert on Sunday Too! Sounds like you had a great time!

  7. Anonymous

    How totally funnnnnnnnnn!!!!

  8. Sarah

    I love that Declan loved the lacrosse game!

  9. nutmeg


  10. Alpha DogMa

    My kids refused to play in the lacrosse league in town. So unpatriotic of them to shun our national sport, but I’m just relieved that they also don’t like hockey.

    They seem to be leaning toward cricket. Even though I know none of the rules, I watch it every Sunday morning. Mostly because it is played in tropical countries by men with sexy accents. Also because the only other things on tv on Sunday morning (when I pull the early parenting shift) is God-based programming. Nothing sexy on those channels.


    PS – are you aware that your RSS feed doesn’t work?

  11. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Don’t forget Keane. 😉

  12. Ray Page

    The Police and Bjork within a few weeks?!?! Not cool. Not cool at all. I’m feeling so lame about myself right now. Must get my butt to some shows. You guys are so active it’s great.

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